What our applicants need to know

When you decide to apply for one of our educational programs -on campus or online- the following are expected by you:

All the information you provide about yourself is true and accurate. In case any of the information asked changes -contact details included- you are to send the update information within 1 week of the date of the change. False or misleading information to our Educational Organization as part of an application might affect whether or not offer you a place or might lead us to withdraw an offer of a place.

If the Admissions Board asks for further information regarding your application, you are expected to respond promptly and facilitate the process.

In case there is an interview to be scheduled -where an interview is part of the admissions process- you are expected to schedule and attend the interview as quickly as possible and in case this is impossible within the time asked, you are asked to notify our Admissions Tutor, explain the reasons why you can not attend the interview -in written- and reschedule the date.

In case of new conditions or personal or other circumstances make it difficult or impossible for you to continue to attend, you need to notify us in due time and explore either a possibility to make appropriate arrangements for you or make the necessary steps to release the place offered to you to another applicant.

Values and attitudes are very important for us. We expect you to behave in alignment with our values and philosophy. Thus, we expect you to be polite and gentle when communicating with other students or educators or our team, undertake responsibility for your decisions, be co-operative and show team spirit respecting the cultures and values of all others in the educational community.

Please, read carefully the specifics of each educational program and see all the special admissions criteria mentioned every time.