• Our educational Institution aims to serve the community of scientists, professionals and people in general in the direction of understanding the dynamics of life and the advancement of health and wellbeing of human beings as they evolve and create civilization.

  • Our expertise lies in the field of Prenatal and Life Sciences. We focus on the ways that the primordial information gets imprinted on the human being, even before conception, during pregnancy, birth and beyond, how it is triggered after birth and during adulthood as well as on the research on how life systems work together as a whole.

  • We follow in all our research, teaching and knowledge offered on the principles of Salutogenesis and Complex Theory Systems.

  • High quality and excellence in what we offer is of prime importance and our prime concern. We aim to generate graduates and undergraduates of the highest calibre, taught and mentored by the best in the field of prenatal and life sciences.

  • We aim to use innovative teaching methods and innovative technology to reach all interested irrelevant of their country so that the knowledge gained can spread and multiply.

  • We aim to responsively respond to the needs of our society, co-operate with public and private sectors, other educational institutions and research organisations working in the same field.

  • We aim to undertake initiatives that add value to our cultural and social life.

  • Our vision is to seek the truth about life and its meaning. The closer we get to such truths the better we understand the dynamics of Life & Death, the dynamics of our human experience and the better health services we can offer to our people and ourselves.

  • It is our vision to share with as many as possible all we discover and see that human experience is respected and honored in social structures, politics, science, family, and marriage.

  • It is our vision to see more and more people to become parents knowing what that means.

  • It is our vision to see that more and more people and life situations get back to balance and become civilization contributors.

  • It is our vision to see scientists, lay people, philosophers, artists … to collaborate and share their mind with an open heart.

We aim to implement all the above & 
we are happy to walk together with all of you who share our vision!