The Travelling Scientist

Meet Mrs Pytha & Mrs Gora as they discover the beginning of All and teach Geometry (& Egometry) to our children.

Meet Mrs Mythou & Mrs Logos as they accompany our kids through the realms of the wisdom of the myths of the world.

Meet Mrs Ama & Mrs Zonios as they guide our children through the rainforests of the world.

Meet Mrs Quark and Mrs Antiquark as they initiate our young children into the mysteries of modern sciences.


Our team of Travelling Scientists is always growing developing more and more Fun Child-Evolving Community Projects that we have created to support the wellbeing of our children and their empowerment to achieve their full potential in life as they get acquainted with episteme- the horizontal axon of human development as we tried to cast life on life.

The Travelling Scientist achieves his goal with the use of healing games, fun-presented scientific knowledge, hands-on-science experiments, myths and tons of imagination!

It is a community-based project that aims to travel around Greece starting from children’s organizations to heal, generate inspiration, confidence, curiosity for life so that the young child regains his initiative to explore and live happy!


He evolves the child,

  • explaining the mysteries of everyday life – such as the natural laws
  • exploring the unknown
  • reconnecting the child with the eros for participating with confidence in the world
  • releasing stress, ambiguity, insecurity


  • is to connect the child with the creative minds of the past
  • support the child as he regains his sense of creative power now and
  • inspire the child so that he will creatively contribute to the world evolution in the future!


  • The healing game has a key position in the
  • The Myth and Universal History speaks the language of the child
  • Creative Artwork releases creativity. – Card narratives surface laughter together with trauma info that can lead to catharsis
  • just everyday materials and objects reveal natural laws. The experiment tells the child “YOU, TOO, CAN DO IT!”
  • Rhymes, songs and poems teach science and the miracles of the world



AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: The information for parents who are interested in the soul findings of their children as well as mentoring on how they can support the way their child is always Free.

Parents are welcome to participate together with their offspring! We welcome them, we forget about their age and we work with them as if they were kids too.

Would you like to invite our Travelling Scientist Team to your place? Your school, your creative arts for kids' center, your NGO, your parents' Association, your birthday party?

Would you like to be trained and have the royalties for the program so that you can bring this travelling gift to the kids of your area or country? We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email

Have a nice life trip!

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