posted on January 02, 2016 15:08
In the next few minutes I want to share with you the essence of four of the theories that are creating paradigm shifts in our culture and giving us scientific evidence of the most effective methods for our clinical work in mental health.  

As I’ve studied and applied these four distinct fields I was fascinated to discover that the take home message for us in psychology is the same from each discipline! Whether we’re looking at Epigenetics, Polyvagal Theory, Neuroscience or Attachment, turns out, the take-home message is the same. I’m going to give you three of the basic principles of each of these fields so that you can see how you can best apply them in your work.

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posted on December 28, 2015 16:20


So it might be said that there are three front lines of psychosomatic integrative medicine: 

(i) spirituality and circular (psycho / energy) therapies from all relevant meta-positions due to energy-informational disentanglement of the mental addresses of all persons involved in the problem, with the possibility of a potential permanent removal of mutual memory attractors on the level of collective consciousness; 

(ii) (quantum) holistic medicine and non-circular (psycho / energy) therapies, which temporarily remove the memory attractors on the level of the acupuncture system / individual consciousness and prevent or alleviate their somatization, as a result of negligence on the first front line; 

(iii) symptomatic conventional medicine, which via immunology, pharmacology, biomedical diagnostics and surgery at the physical level prevents or alleviates somatic consequences of carelessness on the first two front lines. It should be particularly noted that the necessary activities in the second and third front lines, with neglect of the first one, would result in further transfer of memory attractors on the level of individual and collective consciousness in this and future generations, thus accumulating quantum-holographic nonlocal loads that cause then not only diseases but also interpersonal conflicts, wars and other sufferings.

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posted on September 13, 2015 17:16

...The lady on my left, beautifully manicured, bright Dior red nail enamel and matching lipstick kept her wine glass as if holding a treasure. She was a friendly face, working for a big firm that sent her out to exotic places to teaching missions, which she seemed to enjoy.

It’s my only comfort!” she said pointing to the wine. "It doesn’t show but I have always felt under stress before embarking on a new seminary. You know, we always take our shoes off and we meditate… Bali is the place I love. Life is so different there. When I tell them that we live one upon the other or that we do lots of workouts in the gym… they just goggle their eyes! For them, that lifestyle is incredible. How could one possibly live on top of the other?, she added, remembering the way they react at her narratives of our Western life.

Beanie was not at all difficult to get into a conversation with me… and to tell you the truth, I was not at all difficult to get into listening to her story.

What was still ringing in my ears was the phrase “It’s my only comfort!” Why should she need comfort if her life was so amazing? Meditative? Exotic?... But was it? ...

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posted on August 17, 2015 21:31

Through what she calls the Theta Factor, Levin articulately invites readers to share her discoveries with a brief foundation into the disciplines we explore together and the strict parameters of the methodology she uses in her research.

Throughout history there have been speculations about the Astrological impacts on human beings but there has never been scientifically based evidence of such possible phenomena until Levin's precise methological investigations. For me, coming from the field of Prebirth Psychology without any background in Astrology, the most delightful aspect of reading Celestial Twins is to read Levin's comprehensive descriptions of the lives of her research candidates.

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posted on April 30, 2015 17:32

"My mum has never felt connected with her own mum. Neither was my dad. I feel as if I am an orphan... as if I have no family!"

Words like these are often heard in my clinical work. They are always followed by feelings of sadness, to say the least. Being connected, despite the fact that it is the holy grail of our own existence, seems to belong to an unknown territory. owis it that the stars are all connected in this Universe of ours, that all moleculesof our human body are interconnected and we, human beings, can not feel connected? Is there any difference between being connected and feeling connected? If it is true that we are all connected, then why can't we feel the connection? What is it that prevents us from seeing the connection among all living entities in cosmos? 

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posted on January 21, 2015 13:22
in the waiting room to board flight to zurich, on my way to Duesseldorf..... 11 january 2015... 

Another gate. I went to the cafe stall and bought an espresso and water. I looked at the seller who, again asked for petty cash, which I now had...The seller reminded me of the previous one. could he possibly be the same? ...

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posted on December 05, 2014 20:51
Having high-quality questionnaires for use in different languages is a prerequisite for successful cross-national research collaboration. The choice of the right tool and the initiative to pull together all your knowledge and expertise to contribute the best possible in the field of research can be a most interesting adventure combining both inspiration and deep understanding of methodology.

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