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Cosmoanelixis depends on the generosity of those among us who can donate to support our initiative to spread Prenatal & Life Sciences globally so that more and more people can experience a better quality of life and enjoy optimum beginnings.

This initiative of ours is funded by our limited resources as we do not receive any funding from government. Regular giving from alumni, philanthropists, charitable organizations and all who can do so is more than a charity donation. 

It is an investment for all future generations to come. 

An investment in Peace and Civilization

An Investment in the Evolution of the Humanity.

Our Adamantios Korais said that whenever a school opens its doors, a Jail closes down. As paedia, beyond just education, is light bearer, the wisdom that this educational initiative aspires to offer is a means to all of us in our effort to respond to our human challenges and contribute to happiness, co-operation, health and creative wellbeing of all.

We recognize our donors and supporters and we extend our GRATITUDE to them mentioning them online, honoring them in our specific celebrations and mentioning them in our educational material (unless they ask us to remain anonymous).

You can also become one of our sponsors or partners who participate in our Adopt One- Get-One Program.

Whatever you choose is of huge support to us. THANK YOU.

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