Student Services

As our Educational Organization places special attention on each individual learner and as we see each one of you as an integral, precious part of the whole Human Community, we offer in alignment with our values and aims the following Student Resources:

Academic Resources

Our Academic Resources Community is where you go when you have an academic question to ask, when you seek team members for your project, when you wish to explore possibilities or when you need guidance as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR).

The following options are open to you immediately after your enrolment:

Digital Library Resources

We have done our work and our team offers to you access to free digital libraries on a wide range of scientific fields. You can read books, find articles and papers, learn about a great number of topics and gain access to a vast wisdom accumulated over the years and digitized so that every student can benefit from this collective -most of the times voluntary- work.

ESR Bureau

We support our Early Stage Researchers through our ESR Bureau. Our team offers them guidance on:

Research possibilities and Research Projects open for them to join

How to find funds for their research

How to write the appropriate papers and reports

How to present them in a congress or other scientific event

How to network and team with others interested in the same research project & synergise

How to seek and get grant opportunities internationally

The Cosmoanelixis Excellence Grants are offered in recognition of our learners' extraordinary dedication and commitment to being the best. Apart from them we offer cosmoanelixis Excellence Rewards. They are offered to all our learners whose grades are 85% + up and they fulfill the goals, values and mission of our educational organization. They take the form of digital currency exchanged to purchase goods and/or services offered on our educational platform, eg paying the fees of a new course for himself or another member of the community either an already learner in any program of cosmoanelixsi or a completely new learner. The percentage of grade earned is multiplied by 2 and gives the amount of cosmo-currency to be exchanged. eg the learner gets 85% multiplied by 2 = 170 which is equal to 170 digital euros exchanged for more excellence.

Badge Awards

Professionalism, commitment to best practices, and high standards of ethos and advocacy for human evolution are at the heart of these awards. Learners are awarded these digital badges in recognition and appreciation of their performance and high competence.

e-Mentoring Programs

There is a mentoring service on a daily basis 5 days/week for all our learners. Our mentors lead our learners by the hand and wisely guide them as they find their own way to knowledge, community service, practicum or when at a workplace under supervision. All requests for support and empowerment are answered within 24 hours.

Our mentors also offer empowerment at moments of confusion, or support and clarity when adecision is to be made.

E-Counseling and Vocational Guidance Online

We do our best to help our graduates to find the best environment where their new skills and knowledge can be appreciated and utilized for the benefit of all stakeholders. We advertize open posts in the private sector, help them in the initial stages of their entrepreneurial efforts and network them globally so that they can expand as they grow.

Allumni Club

We remain close after our learners have successfully completed their studies and are offering their expertise to the people in the community. Our allumni Association presents them and their services, shows them on the global map and facillitates networking people who benefit from their services/products and the professionals. Annual events keep the bonds fresh. The allumni digital community is a live society.

Welcome Club

We strongly believe that early bonds based on a welcome spirit lay the framework for health, abundance and wisdom in any community. It is our priority to receive our new learners the best possible way, to orient them and guide them as they discover their own ways in our educational organization, to familiarize them with our values, goals and our mission and do our best to resonate with who they are and how best they can fulfil their full potential.

MS Exchange Online

We offer each learner a free email account (, which they can keep and use after the completion of their chosen educational program. You can also useshared calendars, 50 GB of storage per user, and the ability to use your own domain name.

MS Lynch Conference Web

All our students can enjoy facilities to Web video conferencing with HD, screen sharing and instant messaging.

MS OneDrive Simple File Sharing

The OneDrive gives our student 1 TB Personal store, which can be accessed from anywhere and which is synchronized with the computer. Thus, you can easily share files, internally and externally, and check the people who see and treat them.

Office Online

All our students will be able to create and edit files in Word, in Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote using the browser on the web.

Office 365 ProPlus for Our Students

The top suite of Office for students in higher education - including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Lync - connected to cloud allows you to transfer data between the devices you choose to within the skill Office 365.