Student Code of Honor

When I enrol in any of the online programs of cosmoanelixis, I commit myself to studying diligently and honoring the regulations made by the educational institution. Thus, I undertake the responsibility and

  1. I use only one account.

  2. I am at least 15 years of age in order to participate in one of the life-long learning programs of the institution or

  3. I am at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

  4. I provide the answers to the homework, quizzes and exams on my own, without copying the work of others to present it as my own.

  5. Only when the assignment asks for a collaboration, I honor the collaboration and I support it in any possible way so that the group work is delivered on time and is of the optimum possible standard.

  6. When community work is part of the successful completion of the program, I do it properly honoring the values and standards of the educational institution. In no case do I fake the documentation of my involvement.

  7. When personal work is a necessary, I diligently do it, knowing that when my heart is cleansed, my professional services will be much better.

  8. I will not use the material of any course (free or on fees) for any reason or purpose other than my personal learning needs.

  9. I agree that I will never share access or access information to my User Account with any third party for any reason. I also agree to that I will create, use, and access only one User Account, and that I will not access the Site using multiple User Accounts.

  10. I agree that when setting up my User Account, I may be asked to enter additional information, including but not limited to my name, profession and address. Additional information may be required to confirm and verify my identity. I represent that all information provided by me is accurate, current and complete and I agree that I will maintain and update my information to keep it accurate, current and complete. I agree that if any information provided by me is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the educational institution cosmoanelixis reserves the right to terminate my use of the Site and the educational platform.

  11. I agree that I will not share the content of any course I attend with anybody else as this will be an infringement of the educational insitution’s royalties protected by national and international laws. All content or other materials available on the site and the educational platform, including but not limited to code, pictures, text, layouts, arrangements, displays, diagrams, audio and video files, HTML files and other content I aknowledge that are the property of cosmoanelixis PC and are protected by copyright, patent and/or other proprietary intellectual property rights under the Greek Laws as well as foreign laws.

  12. I am well aware and agree that cosmoanelixis PC grants me a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the site and the educational platform for my personal non commercial needs . I agree that I can download the learning material for personal, non-commercial use. I agree that I will not copy, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, publish, commercially exploit or otherwise transfer any of the material,. I also agree that I will not modify or create derivatives works of the material. The burden of determining that I use any information, software or any other content on the Site or the educational platform rests with me.

  13. I agree that the downloadable material may not be free of viruses, worms, back doors, Trojan horses or other contaminants which may harm my computer, tablet, hand-held device or any programs or files therein. The educational institution cosmoanelixis PC does all possible work to protect the safety of the files from such contaminants. However, the educational institution disclaims any responsibility or liability relating to my access or download of such content and I agree to this.

  14. I agree that all posts of mine in chat rooms, communities and forums will comply with the ethical laws and the international laws that protect content and I agree that I will post or submit content or opinions that empower learning in the field. I agree that I will make proper use of the site and the educational platform and that I will never post any material that is malignant or prohibited by laws or ethics. I also agree that I will not use my access to the site and the educational platform to advertise any product, service or work of myself or other party. I agree that this conduct from my part is illegal and the educational institution holds all rights to remove it and/or sue me.

  15. I agree that the educational institution can make changes and modifications to the site, educational platform and material etc at their own discretion without notifying me of these changes. All these changes and modifications will be effective as soon as they are posted.

  16. The site is managed by cosmoanelixis PC based in Athens, Greece. Thus, the only courts that have jurisdiction on any dispute between the company and the learner are the Greek courts in Athens.

  17. If I decide to cancel my participation in one of the learning programs, I agree that I will be given a complete refund only when i send my official announcement of my decision within two weeks before the date of the registration period closes for the course. After that, I agree that if I am unable to attend or complete the course, for a serious reason, I will have to officially send a letter of information explaining the reasons that do not make it possible for me to honor my registration and when accepted I agree that I will be given a course coupon which I can use within one year from the date of issue. I can use this course coupon for the same or another course of my choice within the one year time. I agree that if I have attended part of the course -even though I have not done any exams or presented any study work, the course coupon that I will be offered will be reduced to the fees covering the length of time that remains. However, I agree that if I have violated any or all academic policies, regulations or rules stated by the educational institution, I will not be offered/given any course coupon.

  18. I know that all fees are quoted in Euros. I am responsible for paying all fees including VAT taxes (usually 23% on the fees) by depositing the fees to the company’s bank account, or using the company’s pay pal account. An invoice will be sent to me within one month from the date of the receipt of the money. I agree to be update and notify of any fee policy change announced by the educational institution on the site.

  19. I agree that the educational institution bears no responsibility for links that are mentioned or given inside the learning modules. If a link does not work or is broken or removed, I agree that the educational institution bears no responsibility.

  20. I agree that if I submit any material to the site as part of my learning process, the educational institution has the right to use it worldwide, perpetually, royalty-free and non-exclusively that is, the educational institution has the right to use, distribute, sublicense, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display it. In such a case, I agree that whatever I submit is my intellectual property and have all proprietary rights.