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Until recently, inspired people, lovers of knowledge and also men of financial standing, offered our fellow people a chance of being educated. They had schools built, they offered scholarships, they provided money for education… In acknowledgement of their offer, they received public gratitude and recognition, some of them even saw educational institutions they supported be named after them. Their offer and support has remained to this day, in certain cases decades or even centuries later.

Your sponsorship is an investment for your company!

Your decision to positively respond to our sponsorship request bears multiple benefits for your company:

  • The connection and association of your brand name, your business and your marketed products and/or services with cosmoanelixis places you among those Evolutionaries whose positive energy supports initiatives and visions that lead to the evolution of humanity. Such an association of your corporate name as a sponsor of the pioneers of Prenatal & Life Sciences’ educational programs adds value to your corporate image in the society.
  • Your decision to become a cosmoanelixis sponsor is the best, safest, most efficient and yet lowest-cost advertising. We place your logo and we mention your company name as a sponsor in all printed and digital media of cosmoanelixis.
  • You are included in our newsletters and special reference is made to your sponsorship.
  • Your logo is printed on all entrance fees of selected educational program like "The Travelling Scientist", "The Stories of Eftihoulis and Sofoula" and "Astrokids".
  • We place a banner or your corporal flag at a prominent position during all our cosmoanelixis academic or cultural events.
  • We distribute all information material of your company as a sponsor (with relevant content) to our event attendees.
  • We mention your company name as a sponsor in all Press Releases as well as our social media.


Together we CAN Do Miracles!

You can choose the type of sponsorship that currently best meets your objectives:

  • Benefactor: more than 20.001 euro
  • Patron: 15.001- 20,000
  • Golden Sponsor: 10.001- 15,000
  • Silver Sponsor: 5.001- 10,000
  • Sponsor: 2501-5000
  • Friend: from 1 euro up to 2,500 euros

Every euro you offer counts! Become our sponsor now by clicking here. Or take part in our Adopt One, Get One program by clicking here.

Your support can also go beyond money. You can help us by offering:

  • The use of space in your ownership to host one or more of our programs- especially our Community Programs or to house the museum we intend to build.
  • Access and use of human or technological resources you have and which you can offer for a certain period of time.
  • The pay of costs (tickets, accommodation cost, meals, supplies, design, manufacture or production of information material, design and production of educational materials, rent costs, fees, etc.) to implement a program.
  • The use of vehicle / vehicles to transport our team who implement our pedagogical, community or educational programs.
  • Any other way.


Your sponsorship will help us develop the following:

  • Innovative methods of knowledge transfer: our research team is constantly working on new ways to write, develop and transfer the existing knowledge in Prenatal & Life Sciences to all interested using innovation and technology. Budget funds for such research this year: 150,000 euros.
  • Grant funds to facilitate students that come from vulnerable groups or come from developing countries. We aim to provide 25 scholarships worth a total of 100,000.
  • IPIONI: Our Primal Health Advancement Program with pregnant couples is a community project we offer free. The cost of running the program each year is 5,000/ per center.
  • Pedagogical Programs: Our Travelling Scientist, Astrokids, The Stories of Eftihoulis & Sofoula wish to travel to remote and rural areas of Greece where partners and experienced scientists in collaboration with the community and local authority can bring the knowledge of prenatal & Life Sciences to every Greek village. The cost of a vehicle to be bought and refurnished to serve its purpose is about 25,000 euros and the cost of running the program is about 55,000 for each semester.
  • Life Choir. We would like to see children, parents and grandparents sing together in an inspiring choir and bring the message of inspired parenting to every corner of Greece and everywhere sensitizing parents and prospective parents on the importance and the beauty of pregnancy and parenthood and how it can affect the unborn and later born child and the society as a whole. It is estimated that the implementation of the project will ask for an investment of 70,000 euros for the transport of the choir group, sound equipment rental costs for the events and the accommodation costs. The aim is to organize 7 events in Greece between now and the next couple years.
  • Twinning Program. We would like to see cosmoanelixis form a twinning relationship with one of the developing countries in order to improve the context in which children come to life and grow, and support mothers and fathers by promoting information that will allow them to make a fully safe birth that respects all involved. Our goal for the next five years is Zambia in collaboration with the Association of Midwives there. Estimated investment costs rise to 50,000 euros to cover travel costs, education and training, diffusion of information and purchase of raw materials to create tools to promote messages in innovative ways to allow people who can not read get the message.
  • "Children of the World" “Parents of the World” Museum. The aim is to preserve and study the experience of parenthood in various cultural contexts and throughout time. This project will include the following:
    • Anthropological Research. The theme of this research is marriage, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting as well as the underlying value systems in different parts of the world, from the beginning of time, if possible. The aim of the research is to do a comparative study and analysis to identify the optimal system.
    • A collection of apparatus, equipment and instruments used in the Art of Childbirth in the past .
    • The creation of multimedia material for educational, research and scientific purposes.
    • The Creation and presentation of interactive material for use with school children to raise awareness and promote health.
    • The creation and production of intercultural material for a better understanding of life dynamics.
    • The creation and operation of a library (digital and physical) with the corresponding material. The Budget of the program has not been estimated yet as the project is still in its study phase.
  • Initiative to establish The Day of the Unborn Child in collaboration with organizations sharing the vision.
  • The production of a music CD in collaboration with famous composers and young artists in order to raise public awareness regarding the importance of pre/perinatal human experience for later life. The complete work will be presented at a big concert in Athens.


Thank you for your willingness to support our projects, our mission and vision and allow us see all of them take shape and form in the direction of improving our human experience in our world, contributing to civilization and peace.

Every euro you offer gets multiple value through our programs.

Please go here to make your financial offer or contact us: email: events@cosmoanelixis.gr