Our students are highly advised to seek sponsorship for their tuition fees.

A sponsor may be:

A private sector employer

A public sector organization

A government agency

A charitable trust/ foundation/ organization

Any Local/ global foundation

Non-profit Organizations


A sponsor is not a family member but could be a friend or relative other than your parents. 

The sponsor undertakes the responsibility to pay all or part of your tuition fees and/or any additional program costs on your behalf. A nationally legally signed and stamped document stating this agreement between the sponsor and you and mentioning the responsibility the sponsor takes as concerns the fees to our educational organization needs to be sent both online (use the email registrations@cosmoanelixis.gr) and by post to the Educational Board and the Admissions Officer, cosmoanelixis, El Alamein 20, 142 31 Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece).

Details of to whom and where the invoice should be sent together with the confirmation of the amount (full or part of the fees/ program costs) should be sent 4 weeks before the invoice issue is to be due.

See our Adopt One- Get One Program here