Research Projects

We are very well aware that individual initiatives in the field of Research are very important. However, in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural context, where all knowledge is interlinked and can make sense in a holistic context, it is our intention to inspire and encourage research in the direction of

A. Researching life from a salutogenic point of view. This means that it is our focus to explore ways life thrives and evolves, ways health is optimum, relationships/relations are peaceful, civilization is the end result.

B. Researching Prenatal & Life dynamics in the context of Complex Theory, so that we can see how the Universal Laws of Creation work in the ways our human experience is. Thus, contribute to the understanding how our human laws and regulations can adapt to serve life better.

C. Encourage scientific dialogue among our students, partners, educators and other stake- holders so that new data/ knowledge/ expertise etc that comes out of any research undertaken can be shared through scientific articles in subject-related journals, presented in (inter)national conferences/congresses/talks/forums and symposia either digital or in vivo.

D. To create opportunities for educating post-graduate students in prenatal & Life Sciences so that they are always update in scientific knowledge.

E. To deliver products/ services/ community projects and social systems that can add value to the human experience.

F. To collaborate with other research organizations, associations, NGOs, foundations and other establishments with shared interests so that we can formulate proposals for policies to be considered by relevant policy makers.

COSMOANELIXIS takes part in the following research projects:
1. ISCH COST Action IS1405 Building Intrapartum Research Through Health - an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH)
2. The research project Babies Born Better &
3. The research project "What Women Want" 

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