Our educational platform collects and uses information about you which is treated according to the data protection law 2472/ 1997 which protects individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the law 3471/ 2006 which protects personal data and privacy in the electronic telecommunications sector.

The data we collect

There are two kinds of data we collect:

Non-personal information

Personally- Identifiable Information

More specifically

Non- personal information

This is the kind of non-personal information we get from you:

Your log-in information, your IP address, your operating system and browser software

The pages of the site you visit, when you visited them, how long you stayed there and any hyperlinks you clicked

Personally-Identifiable Information

  • Your registration account information as updated
  • Information about purchase of courses, services or products with us
  • Survey information data in which you participated
  • Sign-up information for email updates, courses, newsletter or other services online
    (academic or other resources/ community programs etc)
  • Your posts in the social media connected with this site and your posts in forums and chat rooms you participated in
    (publicly available or as controlled by you)
  • All your educational progress records (this includes assessment scores over time)
  • Your applications information content and all your correspondence with us
  • Financial information regarding your payment and whatever data you have given to us regarding payment

All this information is treated fairly and lawfully.

Thus, according to the legislation,

we collect personal data fairly and lawfully and we process only the data which are necessary for the specific purposes
these data are asked for and freely given by the individual who gives his consent and updates the information as appropriate.


We retain data that refer to finances for 15 years after the date of each financial transaction or for as long as the tax legislation demands. However, the educational records of each student is carefully kept for the sake of the proof in favor of the student and other stakeholders for ever. In this case, we secure the data and protect them from any accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access as well as any other unlawful processing.

We respect the data subject’s rights to information & access. We disclose such data only to the ones who have permission from you either stated at your registration or proven by appropriately signed by you official documents. We always inform you about any such request for data access and we confirm the validity of the request before we proceed. In case you wish to ask us about who has had access to your personal data or any of your records kept by us, you need to send us an email followed by registered mail (post) asking for this information.

Send the email to and
the letter to our postal address: cosmoanelixis, Deligiorgi 55-59, 104 37, Athens, Greece.
You are expected to receive an answer within 15 days after receipt of the letter sent by post.

We always inform you about the collection of your personal data and we ask for your prior consent. We do not use hidden mechanisms to get access to your data. However, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by sending a notice to us requiring to correct or delete your personal data. In this case, you need to know that certain processes are linked with your personal data and in this case when you ask for your data to be deleted, the services linked to them will also be deleted. If fees have been paid, these fees are not returnable. 

In case you wish to proceed with your request for deletion, again please send us an email followed by registered post mail. Use the same email and postal address as above. Again, we proceed to the correction/deletion within 15 days after receipt of your letter by post.

You can see read the full law 2472/ 1997 here and the law 3471/2006 here and you can find all relevant legislation here at the Hellenic Data Protection Authority