Our Team

Olga Gouni, Head of Educational Department


Being a keen reader and an enquiring mind, I have been able to learn from all life experiences I have been involved in. I had the privilege to be taught by extraordinary minds, my teachers from my early school years, who instilled in me the appreciation of Plato’s and Aristoteles’ thought and then later I got very interested in modern sciences, among which astrophysics and quantum physics. My focus of interest is psychology and especially prenatal psychology which I have been taught by the pioneers of it Jon RG Troya Turner: Whole-Self Prenatal Psychology, as well as other pioneers. I introduced Prenatal Psychology in Greece and have taught it to graduate professionals in the Kapodistrian University, School of Philosophy, department of Experimental Pedagogy during the years 2004-2006. I am also a writer and educator for the e-learning program in Prenatal Psychology offered by the Kapodistrian University (EKPA) now. The program has been on for about 3 years now.

As I have always been very interested in the essence of expanding my knowledge and really enriching my understanding of the world inside & outside, I have never stopped learning and studying.

Destination: Evolution!

Konstantinos Chatzifrantzeskos, Administration


Konstantinos is the new cosmoanelixis partner responsible for all the administrative work to be done so that the whole vision can implement in Cosmos. Building an Online Educational Institution is more or less the same as building any other strong establishment in this world. Diligent work needs to be done to make sure that the foundations are strong to bear the weight of the whole building, dedication so that all little details are in place the best possible way and continuous care to maintain and ehnance as time goes on.


Anastasia Pechlivanidou, B.Sc., Pg. Dip.


Natasha is the new member of cosmoanelixis who started her journey with us in January 2019. Her initial studies in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education (1999-2003) was just the call for her to continue and study Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ( 2004-2009). She completed her 2nd degree in Psychology in 2009. Soon, she realized the importance of person-centered approach and completed her Post-Graduate studies (Strathclyde University, Glasgow) in 2010. Her experience with both parents and children as a public speaker, child educator, psychologist or course facilitator urged her to seek more and more answers to her questions for most effective therapeutic tools. This brought her in Play Therapy and finally in Prenatal Psychology. 
Realizing the depths and value of Prenatal Psychology, Natasha is a valuable cosmoanelixis asset!