Our Partners

cosmoanelixis partners with other Organisations, Academic Institutions, Universities and Research Teams that share the same philosophy. Together we gain more! We are grateful to all of them!

1. We participate in Erasmus+ and Baby Buddy Forward Project. In this project cosmoanelixis partners with:


Baby Buddy Forward is a project creating a free web-based educational platform designed with parents and health professionals to enhance the transition into parenthood for everyone.
A day-to-day companion (a buddy) for parents -to-be and new parents
Supporting and complementing the educational role of health professionals
Enhancing the conversations between parents and health professionals

2. We are active members of the Research Team of COST Action and we have successfully participated in two COST Actions so far.


The Last Action named COST Action IS1405 "Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (B.I.R.T.H.)" brought together over 100 scientists, artists, professionals, activists, political stakeholders and service users from around 36 countries in Europe and beyond, to try to understand the range and limits of normal childbirth physiology in different populations, individuals, and contexts. It includes five key areas:

  1. Biomedicine (epigenetics and the hygiene hypothesis)
  2. Biomechanics (maternal and fetal movement)
  3. Socio-cultural perspectives (social expectations and experiences, including marginalised and migrant populations)
  4. Organizational perspectives (the effect of organizational contexts and cultures on variation in rates of childbirth interventions)
  5. Neuro-psycho-social perspectives (how inter-personal actions and behaviours affect physiological processes)
    Click on the links above to find out more about what we are doing, and planning to do, in each of these areas.
  6. Dissemination and Knowledge Translation

    From Birth to Health is the conference organised in Lisbon to share the research findings of 4 years work.
    Our partners in that project are: 


We have currently co-proposed a new COST Action awaiting for the results.

3. We participate in the Reseearch Project "Babies Born Better"

 Babies Born Better is a long term project examining the views and experiences of women who have given birth in the last 5 years. The aim of the Babies Born Better project is to become a major resource for the improvement of maternal and childbirth care around the world. By finding out what works, for whom and in what circumstances, the project data will provide insight into best practice during birth. cosmoanelixis is the your contact for Greece if you wish to use the data collected.


4. We care about respectful maternity care and we participate in "What Women Want". 

What Women Want aims to hear directly from at least 1 million women and girls worldwide about how they define quality maternal and reproductive healthcare. To participate in the Greek survey please click here


5. We contribute to the Educational Works of the European Institute of Perinatal Mental Health  created to improve the care that families receive throughout the perinatal period, including their mental health needs, as educators offering a Prenatal Psychology course



6. We believe in communities getting together and joing their efforts towards the implementation of humanitarian projects. In 2019, Ludwig Janus, Otwin Lienderkamp and Goetz Egloff established the Institute for Prenatal Psychology and Medicine. Since we have had a decades long collaboration with them, we welcome and embrace this new organisation. http://www.praenatalpsychologie.de/

We are open to welcome more value adding co-operations of the same goals. Thank you