Our Mentors have the intention to be Mentors

Being a Mentor is an INTENTIONAL process. It is not a forced process. That’s why, our Mentors are individuals who appreciate the importance of guiding young students and young professionals as they gather the maturity they can during life. Our Mentors see their tasks as part of their soul journey and respond to that full-heartedly, gaining insight, knowledge and satisfaction from such a relationship themselves.

They are Natural Nurturers

Our Mentors foster the growth and development of our students and young professionals towards excellence and do it with gentleness, care and attention, the way a good parent takes the son or daughter by the hand and presents him/her with the world teaching him/her how to find his/her own place out there fulfilling his/her destiny.

They have clarity of insight

When Odysseus entrusted his son to Mentor asked him to guide his son as he acquires his own wisdom and do it using his (Mentor’s) wisdom in a way that Telemachus does not rebel. Our Mentors are people who have the insight to lead and guide in respect. They are experienced enough to foresee in time and anticipate what each move or word can create and navigate their support in a way that empowers the young and inexperienced to find his own ways safely without rebellion.

They are Big Supporters

Our Mentors act in ways that safeguard the well-being and empowerment of the young student/ professional. 

Our Mentors “Keep it all safe” for them. They create the secure background environment so that the student or the young professional can flourish and excel. Especially, at times of crisis, our Mentors believe in them before our students and young professionals believe in themselves. Our Mentors have an open eye to discern all talents, skills and competencies that are there in the student/ young professional –even potentially- and help them see for themselves too, they are there as they polish and develop their potentiality until their charismata become all evident. Our Mentors can recognize the psychological maturity of their mentee and can design and provide appropriate growth-producing activities taking into consideration the total personality of his mentee totally trusting that he has the capacity to develop his fuller maturity.

They are Excellent Role Models

Our Mentors are what they talk and they talk what they act. They mentor their students because they have already walked the path they guide. Their students can witness who they are and how they act and get inspired to follow in their steps –in terms of principles and values- as they deeply understand the deeper perspective of who they are and who they can become. Our Mentors -through who they are, what they know and how they use all this- can significantly influence our students and young professionals to reach their life goals as they can see a future image of who they will become in their Mentor who is who he is now.

They are Present

Our Mentors stand ready to offer their guidance and support when their mentee asks for it. Exactly as a Good Father is always PRESENT to support his child –irrespective of age and circumstances- our Mentors have the time and are available to do their best in a friendly empowering relationship based on mutual respect, mutual understanding.