No Fees Charged

When the student on a post-graduate educational program or a research program has applied for an official interruption of his studies for a period of a full semester, maximum, and when the application has been approved, no tuition fees are chargeable for the period asked and approved. This application should again be submitted before 31 January or 31 of September and it refers for the appropriate semester to begin. 

Justification of the reasons for the interruption of studies asked is necessary to be taken into account when the approval is given or rejected. You can download the No Fees Application Form here

Please download it, fill it in, and submit to

Students returning to the educational program the following semester after the interruption period should be aware that their tuition fees may have increased or differentiated. These students are charged the new fees on their return to study.

Repeat Year/ Course/ Module Students

When a student fails to pass the year of study and has to repeat it, the student will be liable to pay the full fee reduced by 10%. When a student fails to pass a module and has to repeat it, the student will be liable to pay the fees as set by the credit bracket fee (see here).