Our Mission

The Faculty of Prenatal & life Sciences has been created in order to organize, synthesize and deliver high quality Specialization Professional knowledge in Prenatal Psychology to Health Professionals and educators as well as all those in other fields who have an interest to explore and integrate in their profession. It has been created as an answer to the global need for optimum education in a field that has been explored for over 100 years now in the modern times. So far, there have been and are short courses usually in the form of seminars, work-shops, individual modules etc and/or incorporated in other curricula. All these forms have contributed a lot to the development of the prenatal and life sciences as a whole, the development of philosophies, values, principles etc and they have offered the opportunity to many professionals to dedicate a little more energy in an emerging world, that of prenatal sciences.

Cosmoanelixis has undertaken this role to synthesize all pioneer knowledge in Prenatal Sciences, especially Prenatal Psychology, organize it in an evidence-based way so that the quality is high and deliver it to all of you.

MISSION 1: To organize and synthesize all knowledge gained so far in the modern times from early 1920s to now in a whole, and create educational programs both on the Specialization Professional Education, Post graduate level as well as Life-Long Learning so that professionals already interested and those in the future can benefit.

We express herewith all our gratitude to all pioneers, individual researchers, passionate professionals and dedicated study groups for all the excellent work they have done so that we can do this endeavor today.

Teaching and Learning

In an always changing world where communications, transport, economy, science, research, lifestyle, relations, civilization present new challenges and opportunities to all of us, it is our aim to consider all we can and deliver graduates and post-graduates at the end of their studies who can add value to all products/ services/ community systems etc that are offered to people and support psychosomatic health, human intelligence and make a sound contribution to peaceful co-existence among Nations and the civilization itself. We make it our priority to lead our students to acquire the described learning outcomes as well as skills and competences together with the spirit to be able to advocate and undertake a leadership role in their communities, irrelevant of their specific career path.

Exploring the very early beginnings and the mysteries of life in the universe, we focus on discovering about life dynamics so that our students can CDIO, that is Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate, Primal Health Advancement Programs that contribute to Human Evolution.

MISSION 2: To Inspire and Lead our Students so that they Become Evolutionaries!

Research Aims

We are very well aware that individual initiatives in the field of Research are very important. However, in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural context, where all knowledge is interlinked and can make sense in a holistic context, it is our intention to inspire and encourage research in the direction of

  • Researching life from a Salutogenic point of view. This means that it is our focus to explore ways life thrives and evolves, ways health is optimum, relationships/relations are peaceful, civilization is the end result.
  • Researching Prenatal & Life dynamics in the context of Complex Theory, so that we can see how the Universal Laws of Creation work in the ways our human experience is. Thus, contribute to the understanding how our human laws and regulations can adapt to serve life better.
  • Encourage scientific dialogue among our students, partners, educators and other stake- holders so that new data/ knowledge/ expertise etc that comes out of any research undertaken can be shared through scientific articles in subject-related journals, presented in (inter)national conferences/congresses/talks/forums and symposia either digital or in vivo.
  • To create opportunities for educating post-graduate students in prenatal & Life Sciences so that they are always update in scientific knowledge.
  • To deliver products/ services/ community projects and social systems that can add value to the human experience.
  • To collaborate with other research organizations, associations, NGOs, foundations and other establishments with shared interests so that we can formulate proposals for policies to be considered by relevant policy makers.

MISSION 3: To contribute to the wellbeing of our world, womb the peace and add meaning to our everyday choices, through Salutogenic, based on Complex Theory and within the spirit of adding value to the community research projects.

Community-Based Studies

We share the value that academics and experts are individuals or groups that can CDIO knowledge and use these talents so that our community gains advantages. We always ask our students as they proceed with their discipline knowledge “How can you apply this knowledge so that people benefit?, How can this add value to human experience?, How can you act differently now that you get it to transform life? Etc”

  • It is part of our mission to support entrepreneurial attitudes that CDIO community serving products/services/programs etc and therefore we promote collaboration with external parties such as other organizations, corporations, private enterprises and institutions as well as local authorities and community stakeholders. In this direction we have created a number of short courses or educational modules to facilitate access to learning in a structured way in terms of quality of content, efficacy of tools, reliability of success.
  • Encourage continuous professional development and scale excellence among already professionals in the community so that their presence can be a healing, life-transforming experience for all.
  • Empower people to upgrade their skills and competencies or expand them in a multidisciplinary context so that they can enjoy success in a specific learning area.

In this direction, you as a student will be asked and guided to CDIO community projects inspired by your studies and you will be mentored how to become an active community developer through your participation in these projects as part of your practice.

MISSION 4: To Connect Community with the Academic Expertise