In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, Odysseus before leaving his city to join the Troyan War, entrusted his son Telemachus to his friend Mentor. Mentor had the duty to advise Telemachus in the absence of his father so that he could successfully complete his royal household tasks and then, Mentor was the one who escorted Telemachus on his journey to find his father and also find his full identity. Throughout the epic poem, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom manifested herself to Telemachus in the form of Mentor.

Cosmoanelixis realizes the importance of Mentor in the life of every Telemachus/ student or young professional as he (the student/ young professional) is in search of his own identity and in the process of gathering the wisdom of the Mind and the Heart which will guarantee the successful governance of all personal and community duties. Thus, cosmoanelixis offers a mentoring program to all students attending undergraduate, postgraduate and professional Higher Education Diplomas and Certificates.