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Investing in Human Potential from the Beginning of Life. Keystone to Maximizing Human Capital, by Wendy Anne McCarty, Phd, Marti Glenn, Phd

Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology: Bridging the Divide of Early Development, by Wendy Anne McCarty, Phd, Marti Glenn, Phd

A Small Cause, a Big Difference: The Issue of (un)Predictability in the Process of Transitions, by Olga Gouni

Prenatal Cont(r)acts for a Lifetime, by Olga Gouni

The Call of Law is the Call of Soul, by Olga Gouni

Aspects of Being Born Cesarean, by Olga Gouni

/Portals/8/feldenkrais_overview.pdf  by Ralph Strauch

Ευγονία της Ιωάννας Μαρή (Ολόκληρο το Βιβλίο)