How Can I Choose my Mentor?

Not all people can be your Mentors and ALL people can mentor you!

When there is a specific project you would like to work with a Mentor or when there is a specific life/ work challenge and you feel that you would benefit from the support of a Mentor, you can do the following:

Search for your Mentor Go to the section Our Mentors and see if there is a Mentor you feel you would benefit working together. If you can not find the one who is best for you, then you can seek an external Mentor and connect with him.

Make an agreement with your Mentor

Pay your fees

Once you have chosen your Mentor and you have made an agreement with him, you can proceed and pay for his service. For the cosmoanelixis Mentors use the online payment link here.

For external Mentors you just follow your own personal agreement.

Enjoy your experience as you walk your maturity path!