How to Apply

It is part of our mission to offer excellent education in prenatal & life sciences to as many people as possible and contribute to raising the awareness of professionals and academics so that they can create a difference in their lives and the lives of all in their environment.

Our educational organization aims to enable our students to integrate high-quality academic, evidence-based knowledge, with life experience and self awareness as well as top professional skills so that they can mature into human beings who add value to the community they belong to and become evolutionaries.

Thus, cosmoanelixis welcomes applications from all candidates with the motivation and the potential to thrive in our educational programs.

We seek applicants who are mature, well-functioning, committed to their studies and their self development, self-directed, able for clear and critical thinking as well as reflecting on life issues, who are intellectually curious, have a passion for seeking the Truth and serve the Good and Beautiful, who are inspired to inspire excellence and who have a profound interest in theory, research and developing services and products which can return to the community and add value to all people living, being born, gestated, conceived or to be conceived contributing to human wellbeing.

Our principles

All our procedures concerning the procedures for recruitment, selection and admission are clear, immediate, direct and open to the applicant, as well as fair, unprejudiced, simple and accurate. This principle applies to all our applicants including young people who would be under 18 on the date of admission to the educational organization “cosmoanelixis” and adults that come from populations with specific needs. It also applies to all people all over the world who attend our educational programs online.

We welcome applications from developing countries and we respect their participation as we strongly believe that their indigenous wisdom can add value to the scientific evidence-based knowledge and vice-versa.

We also welcome applicants from non-conventional academic or professional backgrounds who are able to meet a program’s entry requirements to do so.

All contact information regarding the process of your application form or guidance on how to choose the course and/or fill in the application form is provided online and our team member responsible for any or all of this information is available to support all our applicants and we do our best to facilitate all of them as fast as possible.

To support them in their effort to bridge the gap –when needed- and successfully move to the space where they will be able to assimilate the new knowledge and develop the needed academic skills, we have and we continually add to the list of modules that can facilitate this transition. Our team is very willing to mentor you how best you can do it and guide you to choose the right module to this end.

It is our principle to respond to any query as soon as possible and we are open to communication process irrespective of its nature within the educational, community-based field of prenatal and life sciences.

We regularly amend our admissions policy every four years, unless there is a clear need that makes it necessary to happen before the end of the four-year period. All amendments or revisions are online and all our students or applicants for any educational program can see them.

Making a proposal to make things go more smoothly

We believe in continuous evolution and it is our intention to seek excellence. Thus, in case you can suggest a better way of functioning, or if you have a bright idea to improve our services to the community of academics, professionals, students, clients etc. we will be grateful to hear from you. 

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