How It Works

Welcome to the World of cosmoanelixis, the place where Evolutionaries are Born and Excel!

All you need to start the process is already in You. What remains for you to do is to follow the next simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the link: Find a Course

A menu will guide you to the educational programs that are now available and open to registration. You can also use the search facility and discover the best course for you NOW! Remember to visit us again and again for new educational opportunities.

There are the following options:

  • Undergraduate Programs,
  • Post graduate Programs 
  • Life-Long Learning Programs
  • Free Community Educational Programs

When you choose a module, click on the title and a new page will give you more information about the content. This will help you better see whether it is appropriate for you. If YES, click on MORE and this link will give you more information abut the educational program. Now you have all the information for you to make up your mind. You have reached the module that will add value to your life.

Step 2. Once you have made the decision, click on the button ENROL NOW

and you will be taken to the application form. Fill in the Application Form online. Remember, this is an academic community where high ideals are important. We need to know and bond with your True Self. Actually, this is a pre-registration form. You are almost there!

Step 3. Pay your Fees

Simple instructions will take you to the payment form. For the undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs you will be asked to pay the enrolment fee too. Especially for the post-graduate program, there is a pre-registration fee, which covers the administration costs to check all your documents before making a decision about your admission. For all other life-long learning programs, there is no enrolment fee, just tuition fees. Please, check the page about our fees for details on all payments. There are payment options here. You can pay using your pay-pal account, your credit card or you can make a bank deposit… Choose the one that works best for you. We have made it our priority that your payment is secure.The way to do so is: After you have submitted your Pre-registration Form you immediately receive an email that gives you your unique number -please make sure that you keep it safe for all future payments- and the link that takes you to our onine payment page. Use the customer number and proceed with the payment. If for any reason, you do not receive this mail within 5 minutes after submission of your pre-registration form, please, let us know by sending us an email using the address  . In the next few days, you are to send the documents asked to complete your registration, if you have applied for the PHEC & PPC. The list is already known to you, so, please, prepare the documents needed for the completion of your registration and send them both by post and online. We will check them, make the decision and we will send you an email announcing your being approved to join or not. Once you receive our approval, please, use the unique number you have and go online to pay your fees. Remember that for all our Life-Long Learning Programs there is only tuition fee, no application fee. So, in this case, you just use the number sent to pay your fees.

Once you have paid your fees, Celebrate!

Step 4. Click Go to your Class or get your code number to login

Once payment is settled, we will send you your pass code, your key that offers you access to your class. A new world of exploring, understanding and marveling at the depths of human life is there waiting for you to explore! Join it, stay connected and become an EVOLUTIONARY!