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Because ...Prenatal Life Matters!

Prenatal Life shapes our human experience!

The whole spectrum of birth, from conception to adulthood, touches the deepest level of human soul, biologically, emotionally, spiritually and culturally. Endometrial life, birth and the first moments in our life are of the most fertile areas where we are able to discover the reason of a wide range of psychological and physical issues. Prenatal & Life Sciences study the dynamics of our Primal Experience and bring to understanding how and why our early beginnings shape who we are and who we become not only as individuals but also as the Human Community. 

Over the last 40 years, it has been more and more evident among the scientific community, that there is an interconnection between my mind and my body. The way I think and feel reflects on my body and defines it. My psychology becomes my biology. I also know that the emotional and mental states of my parents, especially at the time of intercourse and the moment of conception are definitive as they become the template, the default biological, mental, ‘emotional DNA’ that are synthesized to me as a new person. Life in the ovary,  ovulation, Life in the testes, The journey, Conception, Implantation, Pregnancy, Labor, the First hour, Breastfeeding, Postpartum and the period up to weaning in the 3rd year of the child determine Life  quality, health, relationships,  our evolution…

The very first moment I come into contact with an experience in mother’s consciousness, I act accordingly after birth. 

What is prebirth psychology?

Prebirth Psychology is the approach that examines whatever happens in our life today as children and adults in terms of health, relationships or career and spots the beginnings of any patterns observed in these fields (both functional and dysfunctional) in our prenatal and perinatal experiences, even before conception (eg. Ovulation ).  

As  a result it offers a huge scope of better understanding of our experiences today (both enhancing or debilitating) – an absolutely must for all of us who support others in the field of mental/ emotional/ physical health. As anyone in the medical/psychological field know so well, a good diagnosis (understanding of the cause) is the foundation for homeostasis. I can change what I know needs to change

It also offers a huge service within the field of Health & Well-Being Promotion since when we know what advances health and harmony, we can –as professionals make proposals and develop practices that will farther such results away from all those factors that bring about disease and add to pathogenesis.

So, a Prebirth Psychotherapist/ Psychologist works with people of all ages who come to his practice because they face a mental/emotional or physical challenge. He spots the causes of the experience in the present in those early beginnings and he helps the client restore health and balance in life by applying a number of techniques and tools.

How Does Prenatal Psychology Do What It Does?

The most significant characterestics of Prenatal Psychology are:

It is client-centred

Sandor Ferenczi, who together with Otto Rank –both Freud’s students- are considered to be the pioneers of prebirth psychology back in 1920s, said there is not one theory or approach that applies to many clients but as many of them as the clients themselves. Ferenszi strongly believed that there is only one person who knows exactly what is good for him and this person is none other but the client himself. Ferenzci is the person who inspired Karl Rogers –the one who today receives the credits for client-centered psychology and  Ferenszi is also the first one who coined the term psychotherapy.

It is depth psychology

In fact it is the kind of psychology that goes to the greatest depths analysis can go. Psychoanalysis recognizes the importance of childhood but Prebirth Psychology goes to experiences even before conception and sees our experiences after birth as nothing but repetitions of the default before conception/ conception/ pregnancy/labour/ first years imprints.

It covers all bodies/ levels

A number of pioneers have made huge contributions in the field of understanding and bringing back to homeostasis. Some of them work on the emotional DNA (e.g.whole-self psychology), there is primal therapy (e.g. Janov), others apply to the cellular consciousness (eg. Farrant, Farrar), on the body (eg body psychotherapy of Reichian origin, feldenkrais… ), connecting body and mind, on the symbolic level and atchetypes (eg Jungian influence), spiritual level (eg Assagioli… ), on bonding, working with neonates (eg Emmerson) etc. Actually, all Prebirth Pioneers since the early beginning of the 1920s, added their piece to understanding and transforming … and shaped techniques and tools that help the client come back to health.

 It is a Mild/ Motherly Approach

It offers a nurturing background to the client –the way a balanced, welcoming mother would do- so that the client can reach to the essence/ core of his existence and cleanse his traumas and early shocks. It trusts the client, it follows and respects the client’s rhythm, asking and supporting, not criticizing, not controlling, full of acceptance and love

It is Effective

The exploration tools are so up to the point and so effective that one session is enough to spot the real challenge of the client, avoiding going in circles and circles, thus investing all energy in how to manifest the healthy options in life.

Ideal for pregnant couples/ infertility issues,  parent-child challenges, couple counseling, loss and bereavement therapy, (early) school environments, business development and Primary Health Advancement Programs.

Activating the Cycle of Evolution

Health & Well-Being Promotion begins before conception, continues during gestation, at birth as well as after birth. No Health Primary Promotion Programs can be really effective unless they refer and include the general environment. As everything is interconnected, the health and dysfunction of each one affect the other. All of us need to turn our attention and, no matter where each one of us stands, we need to work together and design services, tools and applications toward whatever could promote balance and the empowerment of all creative life forces. 

Respect to the use of the earth’s resources, ecological life practices, political decisions made with clarity and wisdom, educational modules with inspiration, artistic interventions that make spirit fly to new heights and much more can be done so that the environment - exactly the way the first human environment, that is mother’s consciousness and womb - can be a nurturing, and a stimulating one, not a toxic one.

All scientists, all artists, all philosophers, all people, it is high time to synergize to honor and put to use our unique gifts so that life can benefit. Freeing our relationships on all levels from their toxic residues of ignorance or non-appreciation, I cleanse not only my existence but that of future generations from that which does not serve creation. As I do this and re-establish a new kind of communication between cosmos and mankind, humans and humans, male-female, parent and child new evolutionary dynamics will be unfolded.

It is high time that we break the trance of repetition NOW and thereby activate the cycle of evolution.

 As I investigate the depths of the universe and the depths of the human experience, as I approach the soul and reconnect with the Source in an interdisciplinary exchange of wisdom and understanding I can reverse the processes of disease, dysfunction and disrespect for life and re-establish health, peaceful co-existence and balanced relationships in all fields. Is it too late for this? No, it is Never too Late! And Now is the Moment to Reconnect Mind and Heart in all human processes and offer ourselves an opportunity of enjoying our participation in the inevitable evolution that is happening, no matter what.