There is a big number of organizations and foundations or Associations etc that offer grants, bursaries, financial Aid etc to various eligible groups. You can explore possibilities and apply for one if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Start locally and explore grant opportunities among your close acquaintances, employers, or foundations that can support you with your studies. Always remember that the energy should be balanced. You receive and you offer. Think of what you could offer in return. It could be an offer in the present and in this case perhaps our Adopt One- Get One program can give you some ideas of what you could offer in return for the grant or in the future, when you have completed your studies and are able to put the new expertise knowledge in service of the community. 

Look at the NGOs of your area and see if you can arrange an agreement which will be mutually beneficial. 

When you have done your local research go nationally and see if there are any projects that can support you, any government departments that can offer you a grant possibility (in Greece for instance there is a National Grant Foundation, and certainly there are such -perhaps more- in all countries), bank programs or National Foundations in support of Education. 

European or Global Grant Opportunities can also be spotted over the internet. Do some good work here and let yourself see if your financial supporter is among them. 

Try crowdfunding possibilities, too.

Remember that finding a Grant for yourself is part of your path. The process will allow you to develop qualities that have always been there in you waiting for you to discover them. It will also allow you to see ways of funding other beautiful projects of yours as well. 

No matter what the outcome is, the process will have taken you to a new point of assuming responsibility for your creations!.