Graduate Discounts

The Graduate Discount Scheme is available to our alumni who have graduated after successful completion of any educational program of at least 4 full semesters, or our alumni who have successfully completed modules of at least 120 credits accumulated over time –when self pace study takes place.

The discount offered is 10% and applies only to the tuition fees and not possible additional program costs or research costs. 

Our alumni need to apply for this graduate discount anytime before the starting date of the chosen educational program. 

The Graduate Discount application form can be downloaded here and when filled in should be sent online to the

Correction and resubmissions

When there is a research to be made as part of the educational program or a thesis to be written and the examiner has recommended corrections and asked for a resubmission, if this goes beyond the foreseen time margin as set in the educational program, the student will be charged to pay a matriculation fee or a submission fee