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Introduction to Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology©

This is the first module of a total number of ten. The aim of this introductory course W-SPPPE is to familiarize you with the basic laws and principles of Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, which has been developed by the pioneers in the field Jon RG Turner and Troya GN Turner. The educational material consists of videolectures in which you will have the opportunity to learn from his lips, the training documents which you can copy and use when you apply Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology in your clinic as well as a lot of supportive material to consolidate the ideas communicated.

Category: Go at your own pace

Educator: Olga Gouni

Prenatal Parenting

Parenting starts prenatally. Even before conception. The foundations for body-mind health are laid in the primal period. The parental environment that is aware of the blessings and the opportunities that primal life can offer can make a big difference in the life of their children and in society. They also minimize if not cancel altogether the possibility of caesarean birth, postpartum depression, premature babies, complications and unpleasant interventions and they give birth to children who enjoy life, are creative and respectful in relationships.

Category: Go at your own pace


Introduction to Psychology

The Module aims to introduce Students to what psychology is, what falls within its field and how it can add value to human life. It starts with definitions and a brief history to what was it that made people turn their attention to study human psyche, human behavior and relationships and attempt to understand such dynamics and explain, then empower and heal.

Category: Obligatory

Educator: Educational Team

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