Excellence Full Grants

Excellence full tuition fees grants are offered to those students who have achieved excellent results in their previous level of studies. They are offered in recognition of their excellence attitude. 

To be considered for this kind of grant you need to submit your Excellence Full Grant Application

You can download the Application Form here.  

You need to attach and send to the Educational Board and the Admissions Officer all documents that prove your excellent performance. If documentation is not there, the application is rejected.

Only a 10% of all applicants on the educational program are awarded the Excellence Full Grant. 

The selection criteria are:

  1. Grades achieved (to be documented by the official secondary grade record or the higher degree grade record official document. Documents need to bring the official stamp of the educational institution and signature.

    The chart below shows the extra points given to the grade as seen on the grade record attached

    Secondary school Professional training Undergraduate degree Post-graduate degree PHD
    1 2 3 4 5
  2. Proof of high performance in the 5 years prior to the application date. This can be papers published, articles written, presentations and talks to the public (please bring the programs), community projects involved, books written, etc

    More specifically:

    A. A list of papers published (10 points for each paper published)

    B. Documented voluntary work (1 point for every 4 weeks of voluntary work documented)

    C. Documented Participation in community projects that had a good impact to the world (10 points for every project participation)

    D. Advocacy for a good purpose ( 2 points for each advocacy case)

    Documentation for C,D can be made by film, video, newspaper/ journal mentioning, reports written and signed by relevant stakeholders). Please send scanned copies or links etc.

  3. Recommendation letter from 2 different areas (eg studies, workspace, NPO etc).
    These have to be sent by post to the Admissions Officer of cosmoanelixis, El Alamein 20, 142 31 Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece and
    by mail to registrations@cosmoanelixis.gr.

    Evolution is a Never-Ending Excellence Journey!