The Stories of Eftihoulis and Sofoula

Welcome to our celebration, Dear Friend,

I am Eftihoulis and I bring all my father's big property in my head. I guard it there, very very wisely! That's one of my tasks. Without me, the world would stop existing. I have half the information needed for you to exist. I am very honored and very willing to be the bearer of this beautiful responsibility. Anyway, I like doing things. I am very very creative. You will soon find out how many things I can do. And... one more thing! I like swimming and I am really good at it. I can swim better than the world swimming champion!

And I am Sofoula and I have lived in my mum for years and years... sometimes 3 and 4 times your age! I have a lot of stories to tell you! Oh, my! Stories from my grandmum's times and my great greatmum and my great,great, greatmum and before that! I have experienced them all! I was also there when cosmos was created. I have all these stories with me. Would you like to hear? Oh, one more thing about me! I am not a runner, not at all. I leave this to Eftihoulis. I have the grace of slow walking as I love smelling the roses along my path!

I Eftihoulis and I Sofoula are here to accompany you to the discovery mission of creation. We'll take you from how our cosmos was born to how you and you and you are born. We'll explore, we'll play, we'll dance, we'll reflect, we'll act together, we'll create!

Are you ready?

The celebration will open in January 2015. Book your seat or invite us to come to your place. Or if you wish to be trained and offer our celebration to your place, or your country or... send us an email at We'll be glad to explore all possibilities.

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