Before you apply

On our website you can find all educational programs (academic level, life-long learning, community-learning modules) and you can see the detailed entry requirements. The information given can help you see 

what the profile of a successful applicant is, 
what qualifications you need to have 

and in case you don’t meet the criteria, you find suggested modules to do in preparation and you can clearly find the process you need to follow in order to apply to the particular educational program you have chosen.

If, despite the info on the website, there are any specific requirements you must meet when you apply, due to the diversity of criteria that need to be met due to national legislation, we will provide the extra info, in due time, so that you can successfully complete the admissions process.

Although we work on our Babel program and aim to offer our educational programs to as many languages as possible using innovative ways of resolving language barriers, at the moment our programs run in English and Greek. Thus, it is important for all applicants to be able to understand and freely communicate in either of these two languages. For international applicants, we recommend that they make it part of their task to be proficient in English and a language skills certificate is required at the level of proficiency or equivalent.

If you have attended an educational program in another university, educational institution, school or college you can apply for a credit recognition process so that you can transfer the credits earned and advance your training in Prenatal & Life Sciences.

Whenever, there is work under supervision or personal work a requirement, the specific educational program or module will guide you offering all necessary information.

When you apply for a program

Immediate attention is provided to all enquiries and applications sent to us. It is part of our mission to make the best possible use of time and we use all innovative technology support in order to respond here and NOW.

We also respect all personal information you share with our educational organization and we treat it as highly confidential unless we are required to release it to a legally authorized third party (for example the police or the judicial authorities of a state).

When we consider your application

Our educational board is the body that receives all your documents regarding your application sent to us online or via post facilities. The team scrutinizes your documents and makes sure that your participation in the program will go smoothly and will be to the benefit of all involved and the community. Our team makes it their task to facilitate the process and offer the opportunity to raise the awareness in Prenatal & Life Sciences among as many motivated students as possible.

For some of our educational programs especially the Undergraduate and post-graduate one, it is the personal values, philosophy, skills and motivation that play an important role to the admissions decision. Thus, an interview or other possible ways (in detail described in the specifications of the program) may allow for an applicant from a poorer academic background to be successful and another from a great academic background to not meet the requirements and get a lower classification.

It is our Educational Board that makes the decision of you being admitted to the program or in case you do not meet the requirements advise you on what preparatory modules you need to take before you are admitted. The Admission’s Tutor is responsible to communicate to you the relevant decision and respond to all your questions and calls for support.

Our Admissions Tutor(s) are qualified and experienced team members and it is our responsibility to support them so that they are provided with all update information, all skills and all knowledge so that they can provide the best support to you.

When your application is accepted

Our Admissions' Tutor will send you an email announcing that you have been accepted in the chosen educational program and he will let you know all steps you need to follow to complete your registration. Fee payment information will be clarified to you as well as all you need to know until your educational pass code becomes activated.

In case, between the date you sent the application and the date you are informed there are amendments to the educational curriculum or educational processes to deliver even better education, you will be informed about all this. In case, there is a fee review, your status does not change and you continue to be considered that you are accepted to the educational program on the fees status on the date when your application was sent to us. In case there is a fee review and the new fees are lower, then there will be a revision of your fees as well so that you get the best advantage.

Please bear in mind that your admission needs to be followed by the fee payment as shown in the specifics of the educational program chosen. After the date of the fee payment, the place offered to you will not be retained.

In case your application is rejected

In case your application is rejected, our Admissions' Tutor will send you an email explaining the reasons why your application is rejected and advising you on what you could possibly do in the meantime until you meet the criteria which will make it possible to re-apply and be successful.

However, you need to know that it is part of our philosophy that knowledge should be open to the community as knowledge raises understanding and although knowledge is not necessarily wisdom, education can certainly support all people to go beyond their limits. An application will be rejected only when the background knowledge is not enough to get access to the new, in which case supporting you to fill in the gaps by advising you to get the right preparatory modules and study them can resolve the challenge offering you the opportunity to move smoothly from one level to the next. A second reason why an application may be rejected is due to attitude issues or ethics in which case we usually recommend personal awareness support to take place before re-applying.

In case we have to reject your admission, please bear in mind that the application fee is not refundable.