A Journey among stars and galaxies, through black holes and distant constellations with Arts and Science, Myths, Sounds and lots of creative imagination as our Guides. A program ready made for startborn children who inhabit a vast Universe! A Mind-Soul opener journey!

Astrokids consists of 3 cycles. The first cycle deals with the Creation of the Universe and how life and Cosmos started. The second cycle studies our planetary system and our 3rd cycle examines special star-themes. An astronaut like you can accompany our team for 1 cycle or 2 of them or be with us for the whole star-program. You will then discover all our universe secrets.

CYCLE 1: That’s how it all started

CYCLE 2: Here’s our Home

CYCLE 3: The Secrets of our Universe

Would you like to see what Astrokids could be like?


  • From Fire to Earth
  • Cosmo-questions & Cosmo-conversations (what was there before cosmos? Where was time before time starts? Where was cosmos before it was born? …)
  • Star-games and astro riddles
  • Astro-stories and cosmo-myths
  • Starborn songs
  • Small star-creators- Big star-creations (building star machines)
  • Mrs Bing and Mrs Bang (the theories behind the creation of Universe)
  • God for One Day
  • The Universe in my Imagination
  • Without Beginning and without End: The story of a Universe that creates Universe that creates Universe…
  • Protogalactic cake
  • Round and Round the Milky Way
  • Let’s put in order
  • Galactica 2014
  • Galactic Board (a theatrical play about ethics)
  • What’s the message?
  • Constellation Detective
  • Starpillows
  • Black hole against star
  • Spot it before it swallows you
  • Falling, falling, falling deep
  • Etc

Astrokids is designed for children between 5 and 11 years of age. It is the continuation of a previous program which is for unborn kids and later children up to the age of 4 years old. You can find more information about Baby Cosmos here. The aim of Baby Cosmos is to support the building of the necessary primal neuronal network which will enable the child to recognize and remember advanced scientific knowledge as the child grows up and develops so that the child can see himself as a Universal citizen with all the responsibilities and beauties this title bears.

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