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As a former student of Prenatal & Life Sciences, you are highly appreciated as you were and still are among those who very early in their life have seen the value of exploring the primal experience of yourself and the people you support and you have seen the great significance that this can have for later life and Humanity in general. 

You are a valuable member of this community!

We treasure lasting relationships with you as we treasure ongoing, creative relationships among all of you, irrespective of the country where you live and the specific field you are offering your services.

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We consider you as part of our community so you can have 50% discount to all our courses which you would like to attend now and in the next seven years in future. Then, you have a 30% discount for life to all of our courses.

An exclusive 15% discount is offered to you to all our summer courses organized internationally.

You can continue and have access to all our community resources for life.

You can share and get involved in a worldwide community interested in Prenatal & Life Sciences like you and network with colleagues of shared interest, exploring possibilities for co-operation, mutual support, research etc.

And certainly you can get all updated news from cosmoanelixis and the Prenatal & Life Sciences, including details of events, lectures and career related opportunities through our Alumni Online Magazine named The Evolutionaries and our regular e-cosmonews.

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