If you are a former student of any of our educational programs, welcome back.
We are very happy to meet you again and continue to co-create with you as we both evolve!

You may have attended one of the short or longer professional training programs in Prenatal Psychology in Greece, Mexico, Italy, Serbia, Hungary or Cyprus up to the end of year 2013 or you may have attended one of these courses in cosmoanelixis in the 20 years prior to 2014 or the Kapodistrian University, Faculty of Philosophy, department of Experimental Pedagogy between 2004-2006 or you may have attended the online course in Prenatal Psychology offered by EΚΠΑ (Kapodistrian University) over the last few years. You were one of the people who have realized the importance of Prenatal Sciences quite early in their academic or professional life. We are grateful to each one of you.

As an alumni you can register now and create your alumni account, secure password protected area of our site, designed to offer you further opportunities to network and keep in touch with a continually increasing number of professionals internationally who share the same interests in Prenatal & Life Sciences & then certainly please join our Alumni Association and enjoy all benefits and privileges offered to you & which are described there. To do so, send us an email at and let us know.

We appreciate all involvement you can have with us for the benefit of the present and future students and please share all feedback which could help us deliver an always better education in the field. 

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Have a great time as you continue your evolutionary path!