Adopt One - Get One

Potential students in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs that come from vulnerable social strata but are eager to learn and serve need an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

We need generous hearts in the private sector to provide funds for this dynamic part of our students whose financial potentiality is low.

There are many ways that you can help.

1. Grants

By participating into the Adopt One- Get One program, you provide the funds for one student to pay his fees for one or more years. In return, we offer an online educational program for your staff chosen from our special list.

2. Learning/Practice support.

Our private sector partners can give our students the opportunity for practising at the larger world outside the academic environment. You can offer our students the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Especially, if you run a kidergarder school, a health center, a family support center or if you run a private clinic offering psychological support to clients, you can be of great ….value. By adopting one of our students to practice in your space,apart from the mutual benefits you can get, you can have access to a free online program for you, chosen from our life-long learning list.

3. Technology/Resources Support

We welcome your continuing support in promoting our aims and vision. You can provide the funds to expand our innovative Technology services so that our programs can reach more audiences all over the world, providing education in their mother tongue. You can also fund for the value of the work needed of the human work needed to create and update e-learning materials to cover the needs of the students. We also welcome any expertise technology support that can come from your part in the field of developing and updating our educational platform and e-learning tools, as well as our digital learning tools for our students with special needs. In return, you also get a free on line course to suitt your corporal needs chosen among the ones in our Life Long Learning Programs in our list.

4. Space Provision

We welcome all financial and material support that could provide physical amenities for the students’ support resources: a Library or a conference room or a community room where students can focus, design and organize our community-based projects in the area. In this case, you adopt one of these projects providing for the physical aspects, maintenance costs and rent and in return we offer free tuition for the same length of time for one student of your choice.

5. Training and Development

Private sector and individuals can extend assistance not only to students but also to our educators and mentors. Adopting a teacher training program will greatly help our educators update their knowledge, expand their expertise or skills and increase their effectiveness in their academic field. In return, you can have a free online training course for the managerial department.

6. Community Projects

We have designed a number of

  • primordial health advancement programs to work with the pregnant couples and the unborn,
  • pedagogical programs to work and heal our young kids
  • information transfer programs

You can adopt one of these programs for the area of your choice and sponsor it for a length of time between six (6) months of longer, so that you offer the opportunity to the community to benefit from it. In return, you get online training for a group of your choice, chosen among the Life Long Learning list.

Evolution can happen because of you!

Would you like to procceed now with offering us any financial donation you feel you can offer?

Would you like to contact us and see how best we can make use of the opportunities or resources you can offer? 

Send us an email to or use the form here.