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Birth Tomorrow…Now

Imagine a world where:

·    Every baby is intentionally and consciously conceived, carried and grown in the womb of a mother who is taking fine care of herself and has the support and love, education and preparation she needs to birth consciously and parent joyfully

·    Every person who comes in contact with a pregnant, birthing or postpartum woman is kind and supportive

·    Every boy is reared in a loving environment that respects his innate intuition, tender feelings, and innate knowing and is educated to honor and respect women of all ages —including girls, childbearing women and mother, and elders

·    Every young woman is prepared to give birth with confidence, unassisted and without the need for any external intervention

·    Every school-age child learns how babies develop from conception through the first year after birth and to respect their special vulnerability as well as their innate capacities and sensitivity

·    Girls and woman know how to prevent unplanned and unwanted conception using capacities of their mind that the human species will develop, and also know the full range of methods of birth control—from natural to herbal to abortion

·    Where women consciously prepare their bodies, minds, spirits and womb space for conception, and know how to heal themselves from prior traumas such as abortions, miscarriage, and stillbirths

·    The childbearing woman’s, parents, family, and entire community surrounding a woman prepare for the arrival of a baby and are able to call in the spirit of a baby who will be right for them

·    Everyone is raised with an understanding of the natural risks of giving birth and an appreciation for the unknown and an understanding of death

·    Every pregnant woman is treated with respect and tenderness, has the information, support and options available that she empower her to make conscious decisions about everything related to the health and welfare of herself and her baby

·    Every baby is understood to be conscious and fully aware from conception and bringing special gifts and that babies are constantly relating to and adapting to their environment, and in the womb

·    Every man takes the responsibility of fatherhood seriously, does whatever necessary to avoid unplanned conception, actively supports the mother of his child from pregnancy on, and is a participatory and supportive father

·    Elders are aware of their unique gifts and value for childbearing women and babies

·    Birth is a treated as sacred event, wherever it takes place

·    Physicians, nurses and all other practitioners who work with pregnant women and the pre-born are trained and prepared to give women ongoing support in a way that meets the individual woman’s actual needs

·    Caring for the childbearing, birthing or postpartum mother-baby-family is considered so important that only those who show necessary competence and compassion are working with them

·    Medical/nursing training is holistic and based upon an expectation of normalcy

·    Medical intervention is evidence-based and only used when less invasive procedures are not possible or have not worked

·    Competent and safe transport system for getting women to special care who need it and training of all emergency medical people in first aid for birth

·    There is government and non-government funding of research that is not likely to produce profit for anyone but which will teach us more about the biological pattern of birth and mother-baby care and promote integrated mind-body-spirit-sexuality

·    Every woman has the opportunity to be cared for by a midwife, if she chooses to birth with a professional

·    Every midwife is adequately trained, fully supported and valued for her services

·    Adequate food, housing, emotional support, preparation are a given for all women

·    Men and women understand the implications of trauma in their own lives and have done as much work as possible to heal themselves before conceiving

·    Where every effort is made to prevent birth trauma and everyone is aware of birth trauma if it occurs and the mother and baby given all the support and care they need for healing, and free to select from the full spectrum of healing approaches (traditional, modern alternatives to allopathic, as well as allopathic forms)

·    There is no blame assigned to health workers or parents and when people show themselves to be less than competent they are supported in getting what they need to become competent

·    Where any mother or baby that is injured or has problems resulting from birth that can’t be healed receives whatever care and support is necessary in their lives

·    Girls and boys grow up knowing…seeing…and expecting birth to be a powerful rite of passage that they are fully capable of negotiating their way through, knowing they are supported by their community and culture

·    Part of every child’s education is child development, safe sex, an understanding of the responsibility of bringing a child into the world

·    Prospective parents are aware of the implications of having children: including not only their capacity to care for a child, but also their ability to meet the actual needs of a child fully, so that this child can develop fully and thrive; and they are conscious of the need for limiting our world’s population, for the good of all life on this planet

·    The death of any baby, or mother, is grieved and their life honored, however brief it was

·    Grief for childbearing losses (infertility, loss of fertility, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth) are respected and valued as part of living life fully 

(From Birthing the Future)

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