Introduction to Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology©

This is the first module of a total number of ten. The aim of this introductory course W-SPPPE is to familiarize you with the basic laws and principles of Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, which has been developed by the pioneers in the field Jon RG Turner and Troya GN Turner. The educational material consists of videolectures in which you will have the opportunity to learn from his lips, the training documents which you can copy and use when you apply Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology in your clinic as well as a lot of supportive material to consolidate the ideas communicated.

Let's share a Little More ...

This is the 1st Educational Module of the Specialization Professional Program "Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology". 

The Whole-Self Model© has the potential to change the course of human evolution!
Dr. Ludwig Janus, Past President International Society of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine

Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, Philosophy & Education is a Psychological/ Psychotherapy approach, as well as a complete Philosophical & Educational System based on the Science of Natural Laws to support every human being on his/her odyssey in life from before conception, during pregnancy/gestation, at birth & then during his life to its end.

This Professional Specialization, Professional Educational Program teaches Professionals in the field of Health & Psychological support of people - both adults & children - about the:

  • basics & depths of this journey & how they can accompany their clients to
  • release what needs to be released,
  • understand what they have experienced so far,
  • reconnect with their inner power of wisdom &
  • support them in their individual evolution.

Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, Philosophy & Education has been discovered & developed by Jon RG Turner & Troya GN Turner, both pioneers in the field of Whole-Self Prenatal Psychology since 1970.

"As each one of us originates physically from our parents, grandparents, society & culture (Epigenetics), so do we emerge from our life experiences which Whole-Self calls the Whole-Self emotional DNA (W-S eDNA). Because it is possible that we do not value our physical & psychic inheritance, this conflict can block us physically, mentally &/or emotionally in our individual evolutionary development. But it is exactly those familial challenges which we are in life to experience, learn from & release ourselves & all our future generations from having to repeat…" Troya GN Turner

The students will have the opportunity to study

  • The Whole-Self Laws & Principles as well as the main concepts of Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology, Philosophy & Education.
  • The philosophical aspects of the Whole-Self Model.
  • Comprehensive Scientific Data from the fields of Research, Psychology, Physics Medicine, Embryology, Epigenetics, Complexity, Midwifery & Health that support all aspects of holistic Whole-Self Clinical Tools & Processes.
  • Recognize possible prenatal/perinatal sources behind dis-ease & dysfunction in personal & professional/business relationships.
  • Recognize trans-generational ‘trauma trances & how to balance them.
  • Master the most effective Whole-Self Clinical Diagnostic Tools that can reveal the core of life issues each human being brings to a session to balance.
  • Most effective Whole-Self Therapeutic Processes that guide the Professional as to what to do, when & how to do it as he is asked to guide clients back to Health & Homeostasis.
There are 10 educational Modules in the program:
  1. W-SPPPE _ Introduction to Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology ©
  2. W-SPPPE_RRE _ Whole-Self Radiance Relaxation Exercise ©
  3. W-SPPPE_PAM _ Whole-Self Prebirth Analysis Matrix ©
  4. W-SPPPE_RE _ Whole-Self Releasing Exercise ©
  5. W-SPPPE_DS_ Whole-Self Discovery Steps ©
  6. W-SPPPE_LS_ Regression Therapy & Whole-Self Life Streams ©
  7. W-SPPPE_LB_ Whole-Self Loss & Bereavement Healing ©
  8. W-SPPPE_A_ Whole-Self Attachment - The Disturbed Soul ©
  9. W-SPPPE_HDB _ Whole-Self 4th Dimensional H& Dance Balancing ©
  10. W-SPPPE_CI_ Whole-Self Completion & Integration ©

At the end of the Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology Professional Specialization Educational Training, participant will be able to:

  • Use Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology Theory in their clinical practice;
  • Use very effectively all Whole-Self Prebirth diagnostic & therapeutic tools;
  • Listen to client’s narrative differently & discover new value in their narratives;
  • Get to the core of the relevant issue fast & accurately;
  • See clients be able to make sense of their experiences, unlock their potential & thrive;
  • Support clients in unique Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology one-to-one sessions or groups;
  • See themselves evolve as well. 

Course Content of W-SPPPE

This 1st educational course acts as an introduction to what follows and consists of the following 10 units:
Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Introduction to Whole-Self Prebirth Philosophy
Unit 3: W-S Four Universal Laws of Life: The Law of Opposition.
Unit 4: W-S Four Universal Laws of Life: The Law of Confirmation.
Unit 5: W-S Four Universal Laws of Life: The Law of Decisions.
Unit 6: W-S Four Universal Laws of Life: The Law of Repetition.
Unit 7: The Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology Principles
Unit 8: Discovery of the Emotional DNA
Unit 9: Differences Between W-S Prebirth Psychology & Other Approaches
Unit 10: Whole-Self Completion & Integration of the Whole-Self

Course work

Classes are held online & can be completed at your own pace.

Each Study Unit is designed to be covered in 5 hours of work and it consists of:

  • Video lectures in which you will have the opportunity in English & Greek to learn directly from of Jon RG Turner.
  • Study relevant materials in the form of glossaries, Powerpoints, diagrams, pdfs, training manuals, relevant videos or audio files, papers & publications, case analysis as well as extra assigned material published by Researchers & Scientists as well as Professionals from complementary disciplines, connected to the theme discussed.
  • Quizzes for Understanding as well as Assignments to test knowledge but also the development of the needed Professional skills. 


Is there a prerequisite to this module?

Yes, you need to have successfully completed the Educational Program "The Embryo in Us". 

Do I have to buy the educational material needed?

All training material is provided & you do not need to buy extra books.

Am I alone in the study? What if I need to discuss themes?

You have a Personal Mentor to discuss all topics that may arise. You are always supported and cared for. 

Do I have to do personal work?

Yes, your personal Psychotherapy is a critical part of the education process, & is discussed in the Admissions Interview. If you have not had any Psychotherapy, make sure that you start your personal work no later than the end of the first 12 weeks after your enrollment & continue for the duration of the three-year-program. If you have already had Psychotherapy before, you may be able to waive this requirement & you are asked to complete a minimum of 60 hours of Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology.

Do I have to do any practice?

Yes, indeed. Right from the beginning you will be able to use the knowledge gained with your clients. You will be adequately guided to use it properly as your practice will be under supervision. 

Each candidate schedules one hour per week of Supervision in the first year; two per week in the second week, at a cost of 50 euros per session, payable directly to the Supervisor. The Supervisory process is intended to focus intensively on the ongoing treatment of suitable cases. Candidates write brief annual case reports, which are discussed with their Supervisor.

Do I have any other responsibities?

Yes, once you start the specialization program, you are asked to offer a minimum of 2 hours volunteer community work. Please make sure that you document your community work offer as this also bears credits. 

Shall I get any certificate?

Yes, on successful completion of the educational module you will get a Professional Education Certificate. On successful completion of all 10 educational Modules, you will get the Specialization Diploma in Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology. 

in a Nutshell

10 weeks of study
5 hours of work/week
2 credits
English language
videolectures translated in Greek

Part of the Specialization Professional Education "Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology"


4/20/2016 - 12/1/2024


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