Get-Fit Club

"Get Fit Club" is a free program designed to support people regain their full body function, especially when they spend a lot of time at a desk studying or when their professional duties do not allow them to move and exercise properly. It consists of Awareness Through Movement (ATM) exercises (Feldenkrais Method), Yoga and Fascia exercises.

Our free program "Get Fit Club" is one of the programs to help our students benefit from the advantages of movement as opposed to the long sitting hours they spend studying or doing their professional tasks. The exercises chosen are well appreciated for the benefits they can offer not only to the body but also to other aspects of our being. 

There are three parts:

1. Awareness Through Movement (ATM), Feldenkrais Method.

This is a series of exercises to reduce pain or limitations in movement, to improve physical function and to promote general wellbeing by increasing our awareness through movement. 

2. Yoga

This a a series of lessons that offers simple exercises for beginners

3. Fascia

Two sets of exercises to work on the ground and in upright position.


Part 1

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Feldenkrais Method

  • What is it and how it works
  • Exploration of Lifting Arm, Leg, Head
  • Face Down, Amphibian Movement
  • Face Down, Extensors Lift Head, Legs Rotate Column
  • From All Fours to Sitting
  • Flower Opening & Closing, Rolling from Side to Side
  • On Side, Bringing Outstretched Arm in an Arc
  • One knee on Top of Other, Arms in Triangle
  • Organization of the Thorax, on Side, Lateral Flexion & Rotation
  • Pelvic Clock Variations
  • Side Sitting, Lateral Flexion and Torsion
  • Using Stomach Flexors to Lift Head

Part 2


  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Learning to Breathe
  • Yoga Exercises for Beginners
  • Simple Yoga exercises
  • Yoga for pain relief
  • More ...advanced Yoga exercises

Part 3


  • Fascia Exercises on the ground
  • Fascia Exercises in an upright position


Are these exercises safe for all?

Yes, all the exercises are absolutely safe for all people. By repeating them, people can experience a gradual relief from body limitations and pain and at the same time they will be able to increase their self awareness.

Is there more to expect?

Yes, we try to enrich our program, so please make sure that you visit the program quite often and enjoy more opportunities.

Is this program only for cosmoanelixis students?

No, this is a program to respond to our mission that aims to connect the academic part with the community. Please spread the word to all those friends and aquaintances that may ne interested in that. 

Who are the people who do the exercises?

All practitioners and teachers that offer this program are properly certified and are well recognized in their field. You can go to our page Our Heroes and learn more about who they are and their work.

In a Nutshell

ATM Feldenkrais




Open to ALL


3/3/2015 - 12/31/2022


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