PS6101 Introduction to Phychology

The Module aims to introduce Students to what psychology is, what falls within its field and how it can add value to human life. It starts with definitions and a brief history to what was it that made people turn their attention to study human psyche, human behavior and relationships and attempt to understand such dynamics and explain, then empower and heal.

At a Glance...

The Module teaches biological information that explain how the system works in terms of what is involved in the understanding of how the information is perceived and how the human system interprets the data and responds to the stimuli. Beyond that, the student will have the opportunity to study issues of consciousness and recognize altered states of consciousness, to distinguish between memory and recollection as seen not only by the Modern Sciences but also the Aristotelian Philosophy, delve into the depths of intelligence and how it develops, as well as examine the ways we learn and acquire not just knowledge in the meaning of new information but also how we learn ethical behaviors, how we develop a higher sense of living, art and morality.

and more specifically

The Student will have the opportunity to understand various personality Theories such as those of William Sheldon (Constitutional Psychology), Gordon AlIport (Psychology of the Individual), Raymond Cattell (Factor Theory), Sigmund Freud (Psychoanalysis), Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology), Erik Erikson (Psychosocial Theory of Adjustment), Karl Jung (Archetypes), John Dollard & Neal Miller (Reinforcement Theory), Albert Bandura (Social Learning), Skinner (Radical Behaviorism), Rank ( Will Therapy), Ferenczi (Psychotherapy/ Mutual Analysis), Carl Rogers (Person-centred Theory), Abraham Maslow (Holistic Theory), The Turners (Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology), etc.

Furthermore, the Student will study forms of Psychopathology and will learn the signs which will enable him to identify what is what is presented together with what could be done so that the person can be encouraged as he finds his way towards Health again.

Finally, the Module will explore the most important Schools of Psychology and will discuss main principles and philosophies.

Recommended Background

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, the course will be conducted at the level expected of Undergraduate Students or Professionals and Executives who can critically think and reflect. Therefore, for all participants, reading and writing comfortably in English at the Undergraduate College Level is desirable as well as a reflective Mind to delve into concepts. 

Suggested Readings

Although the lectures are designed to be self-contained, students wanting to expand their knowledge even further will be guided to do so through extensive bibliography. Students are advised to read the required readings either before or soon after each unit, but in advance of the next unit. Recommended and supplemental readings can be read any time throughout the course in the self-study context and this is what will take your understanding to new heights.

Course Format

There will b video lectures (60-75 minutes each) each week. The lectures can be divided into about 4-6 segments, separated by interactive quiz questions for you to to help you process and understand the material. In addition, there will be a problem set and a programming assignment each week and there will be a final exam. You are encouraged to maintain a personal journal of thoughts, observations and experiences during the course. For the community work, there will be action learning activities which will involve you talking to others in your environment. A brief essay is to be written based on your experience. 


When studying the Module, the following main themes are to be explored

Introduction to Psychology, The Nature of Psychology and a brief History

The Biological Background Of Psychology

The Sensorial System


Consciousness And Its Altered States

Learning/ Conditioning

Memory / Anamnese

Thinking Process, Concepts, Reasoning, Decision Making, Problem Solving


Personality Theories & Assessment

Stress And Coping Mechanisms

Psychopathology (Abnormal Behavior, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia, Personality

Disorders, Depression And Post-Partum Depression

Social Influence

Schools Of Psychology



What is the coolest thing about this course?

You will delve into the mysteries of psyche and you will discover the hidden gems found in the science of psychology. 

Will I be able to apply the learning?

Yes, each unit will include reflective exercises and action learning assignments to help you understand and experiment with the ideas studies at work or at home in your life. You will learn techniques for inspiring vision, engaging mindfulness, spreading compassion and being playful and enthusiastic building your inner understanding and improving your relationships.

Do I have to do community work right from the beginning of my studies?

Yes, community work is an integral part of this educational program. You are expected to offer 4 hours of community work a week, which will be documented.

Do I have to do any personal work right from the beginning?

Yes, since this educational program goes very deep, it is important for you to have your support system and personal work is an integral part of it. You can choose to work individually or in a group in your area and it is advisable that you opt for prenatal psychology to be the Psychology Thought you work with, if this is possible where you live. A session of 2 hours a week is expected.

What resources will I need for this course?

All you need is an Internet connection and the time to read and discuss the exciting materials available online. 

in a Nutshell

16 weeks of study
9-10 hours of work / week
1st Year, 1st semester
5 credits
English/ Greek
Educational Team

Part of the 
Professional Higher Education Certificate (PHEC)




2/1/2016 - 12/31/2020


Team Educational

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