LB5049 Business Up

Business up is a complete 10 point program for the business of today, based on the findings of Prenatal Psychology! An ideal program to work with managers, administrators, and business owners. A must for new-built economies! Absolutely needed with students!

At a Glance...

The program is based on the findings of the Pre/Perinatal Psychology & Medicine. It helps the enterpreneurs understand the reasons that hold them back from success & liberates them from the entrapment and the lethargy of diminishing patterns. It supports them in their individuation process & equips them with tools to walk the success and fulfilment path. 

Recommended Background

There are no  prerequisites for this course. However, the course will be conducted at the level expected of Undergraduate Students or Professionals and Executives who can critically think and reflect. Therefore, for all participants, reading and writing comfortably in English at the Undergraduate College Level is desirable as well as a reflective Mind to delve into Concepts. 

Suggested Readings

Although the lectures are designed to be self-contained, students wanting to expand their knowledge even further will be guided to do so through extensive bibliography. Students are advised to read the required readings either before or soon after each session, but in advance of the next one. Recommended and supplemental readings can be read any time throughout the course in the self-study context and this is what will take your understanding to new heights. What is highly recommended is that all participants do their activities and build their own businesses.

Course Format

There will be video lectures (60-75 minutes each) each week. The lectures can be divided into segments, separated by interactive quiz questions for you to help you process and understand material. In addition, there will be a case set and a programming assignment each week and there will be a final exam paper. You are encouraged to maintain a personal journal of thoughts, observations and experiences during the course. What we advise you is to always reflect and ask yourself "how can this knowledge help me evolve? How can I make use of it to support the evolution of others?"


The main points studied in the program focus on the following 10 subjects: 


What are the values that the company serves? What is its identity? and how is this company different from others on the market? What is the identity of the products & services that it creates, produces and offers?


Now that the company knows who it is how does it show to the external business endeavours? How can we keep a good balance between the internal directions that the business activity has and its external aims. 

Grounding: (THE STRATEGY)

Now that I know who I am and where I want to go, it is time to design my way to it. Thus, I put all my management abilities, strengthen and adopt the most effective strategies to reach my business goals. 

Bonding:(THE TEAM)

Now that I know who I am and where I go and since I have a strategy to get where I want to get, I choose my team. With whom am I going to walk my path? How can I find them and get in contact with them? How can I inspire them with my vision? How can I communicate my business aims and the way I want to get there to my business associates, customers, employees, the state …

Bounding: (MY TERRITORY)

Do I and my team understand the boundaries, the limits and the territory, private and public agreements or not. How can I solve the conflicts that have to do with the unclear definition of the territories? How can I use the differences as a tool for fertile development.

Charging:(MY FUEL)

Now that I get more and more established and safe in my territory how can I orchestrate my activities so that I can have the resources I need to build up my business? How can I liberate the business energy from the inactivity, stagnation? how can I release lifeness and creativity? How can I make excellent use of these resources? and how can I help these resources circulate in the body of the business activity in a way that allows better efficiency of the energy that is invested?

Sounding:(MY ANTENAS) 

How can I connect my deep business experience with the ability to pay attention to life, market, and how can I stay in tune with it for the best service of y vision? How can I mature and evolve my sensory system so that I can get the information I need for my business decisions? How can I remove blockages in the field?

Shaping & Forming: (THE MATURATION PROCESS) 

How can I develop initiative so that everybody performs at its peak? How can I keep all my resources , skills, structure, and organizational motifs at such excellent performance so that the vision will get materialized? More rock removals. 

10. Minding: (FULL CIRCLE)

How can I harmonize my business activity with the econo-social-political environment, the culture, the art and the ecology and how can I understand human nature and how each and everything is interrelated? To what extent have I attained to serve life? How can I incorporate my business experience to go the next circle?

All students will be guided to work on a personal level and will have the opportunity to follow the steps and do exercises that in the end will have the opportunity to see their life and their work be transformed!


What is the most miraculous thing about this course?

You will get to realize that what has happened OR NOT happened during our early beginnings and the way we have interpreted it is still traced in the ways we build our business, too. Airing our history and bringing our experience to a new understanding coupled with the support of what we know and can learn can transform us and our ways of doing business. And this is  a new INTERSESTING story.

Will I be able to apply the learning?

Yes, right from the beginning! Each lesson includes reflective activities and action learning assignments to help you understand and experiment with the new ideas, knowledge and understanding introduced and do so both at work or at home in your life. You will learn techniques & practices which will unfold new avenues in front of you. The most important is that your wisdom will offer new interpretations of all around you. Highly inspiring!

What resources will I need for this course?

All you need is an internet connection and the time to read the exciting educational material online, discuss and reflect! Everything else... you have it! 

Shall I get any Certification?

Certainly! On successful completion of the Educational Program, you will be awarded a "Certificate of Professional Training". And if you excel, that is if you get 85% and above in all your assignments, your certificate will be "With Distinction". Make the Best possible Use of it!

In a Nutshell

25 weeks of study

10 Hours of study work/week

10 ECTS credits

English/ Greek



1/10/2015 - 31/12/2020

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