PB5050 WELCOME! A Primordial Health Advancement Program for Pregnant Couples & the Unborn

A complete Primordial Health Advancement Program Package for the Wellbeing of the Unborn Child, using Fine Arts! The perfect work package to work with Pregnant Couples & the UNBORN child. An Evolution Tool, indispensable for all Pregnancy/ Childbirth Professionals

At a Glance...

Our prenatal experience, starting from before conception, as well as our birth and the few years after that are of prime importance and define the life experience as children and adults on all levels. During pregnancy, mother and child share the same environment and whatever mother feels and experiences immediately influences the prenate.

Years of studies in the field of prenatal psychology have shown the importance of providing for the prenate and how this care can transform our human experience. A healthy Prenatal/ Perinatal strategy should focus on removing all and any stressful information from the maternal environment on a micro, meso and macro level and reinforce optimal Prenatal and Perinatal bonding and attachment.

Since, the most effective Health Promotion Programs are those that focus on the primordial human experience, the Prenatal program Welcome adds value to our children’s life as individuals and as a society.

The program establishes & improves healthy prenatal bonding and leads to secure attachment, reduces stress, protects the (un)born child from depression and carcinogenesis later on in life, reduces post-partum depression, supports peace and creates civilization!

Professionals can get all knowledge both theoretical & practical guidance they need to be able to run the program with those pregnant couples they see in their practice. They get all the material needed to effectively run the program and updates when they come out. 

Recommended Background

The course will be conducted at a professional level in the fields of psychology/ psychotherapy, midwifery, social work, counselling, educators in general and pregnancy/birth educators & doulas more specifically.  Therefore, for all participants, understanding the main concepts in the above mentioned field is desirable as well as a reflective Mind to delve into the ideas, techniques and practices introduced. 


Students need to have completed the course "The Embryo in Us" 

Course Format

There will be video lectures (60-75 minutes each) audio files or readings. The lectures can be divided into segments, separated by interactive quiz questions for you to help you process and understand material. In addition, there will be a case set and a programming assignment each week and there will be a final exam paper. You are encouraged to maintain a personal journal of thoughts, observations and experiences during the course. What we advise you is to always reflect and ask yourself "how can this knowledge help me evolve? How can I make use of it to support the evolution of others?"


The course explores...

1. The theoretical Background behind Conception, Prenatal & Perinatal Experience and how it is connected with our everyday life as adults.

2. What is Health Advancement Programs? The principles and the values. The main axons of an effective health advancement program in a salutogenic context

3. The use of Fine Arts in Health. Research Findings and Success stories.

4. Presentation of the work package: How to use it, The background and the professional skillsof the Person who runs it.

5. Working with the parts: The Answer of the Day

6. Inspiration Moments

7. Helping the maternity environment Re-Design Life

8. Working with the Stories I Heard. How to cleanse the toxins of the narratives.

9. That’s How I See Me: Working with Images, Attitudes, Cultures and Ideologies

10. So, you are there! Baby-Talk

11. Wishdrom

12. Re-connecting with my body creative powers. Body Hymns

13. Once Upon A Time

14. Let’s Read Together

15. Just, a Little Science, please

16. Mental Gym

17. Singing Together

18. Beauty, Beauty Everywhere

19. Window to the World

20. Visualizing & Relaxing Together

21. We Share This Planet

22. A bit of Poetry

23. Grandma’s Wisdom

24. How to make it work. Creating the group. Funding it. Spreading the news. 

25. Alumni Welcome Programs.


What is the most miraculous thing about this course?

You will get a work package that you can put to work rightaway and see its miraculous impact from the very beginning. You will WOMB the PEACE project in your practice and you will be one of those whose memory will be kept for the generations to come. Life transforming! Your clients will love it...and you, too!

Will I be able to apply the learning?

Yes, right from the beginning! Each lesson includes reflective activities and action learning assignments to help you understand and experiment with the new ideas, knowledge and understanding introduced and do so both at work or at home in your life. You will learn techniques & practices which will unfold new avenues in front of you. The most important is that your heart will open even more and compassion will embrace all around you. Highly inspiring!

What resources will I need for this course?

All you need is an internet connection and the time to read the exciting educational material online, discuss and reflect! Everything else... you have it! 

Shall I get any Certification?

Certainly! On successful completion of the Educational Program, you will be awarded a "Certificate of Professional Training". And if you excel, that is if you get 85% and above in all your assignments, your certificate will be "With Distinction". Make the Best possible Use of it!

In a Nutshell

25 weeks of study

7-9 Hours of study work/week

10 ECTS credits

English/ Greek



1/10/2015 - 31/12/2020

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