PB 5004 Prenatal Parenting

Parenting starts prenatally. Even before conception. The foundations for body-mind health are laid in the primal period. The parental environment that is aware of the blessings and the opportunities that primal life can offer can make a big difference in the life of their children and in society. They also minimize if not cancel altogether the possibility of caesarean birth, postpartum depression, premature babies, complications and unpleasant interventions and they give birth to children who enjoy life, are creative and respectful in relationships.

At a Glance...

If you are considering starting your own family, if you are now pregnant or you have already given birth to your child, this is an ideal educational program to attend. You will obtain a deep understanding of Motherhood and Fatherhood prenatally as you are going to study aspects of Prenatal Psychology especially those that cast light on the lifelong psychological dimensions of prenatal life for the child born. Even if you already have a baby, this module will help you understand behaviours and patterns your child presents. The transgenerational experience of the parent and the child is studied holistically in its familial, tribal, social, cultural and other dimensions. An educational Program that becomes a personal and professional awareness experience of significant value!

Recommended Background

There are no prerequisites for this course. The course is open to all Students or Professionals  who can critically think and reflect. 

Suggested Readings

Although the lectures are designed to be self-contained, students wanting to expand their knowledge even further will be guided to do so through extensive bibliography. Students are advised to read the required readings either before or soon after each unit, but in advance of the next unit. Recommended and supplemental readings can be read any time throughout the course in the self-study context and this is what will take your understanding to new heights

Course Format

There will be video lectures (60-75 minutes each ) each week. The lectures can be divided into about 4-6 segments, separated by interactive quiz questions for you to to help you process and understand the material. In addition, there will be a problem set and a programming assignment each week and there will be a final exam. You are encouraged to maintain a personal journal of thoughts, observations and experiences during the course. 


What is the miraculous thing about this course?

You will be able to uncover the many ways you can support the Health and the Wellbeing of your child so that his primal experience can be one that provides the optimum! 

Will I be able to apply the learning?

Yes, each unit will include reflective exercises and action learning assignments to help you understand and experiment with the ideas studies at work or at home in your life. You will reflect on what the role of a health practitioner is, esp. in the field of Prenatal Psychology and this will affect other aspects of your personal and working life inspiring you to adopt attitudes and behaviors towards co-operation and co-creation in full respect of who each of the team is extending a helpful hand when needed and a clearer mind at times of confusion.

Shall I get a Certificate?

Yes, on successful completion of the educational program you will be awarded the Professional Life-Long Learning Certificate. If you get 85% success and/or above, it will be with Distinction.

What resources will I need for this course?

All you need is an Internet connection and the time to read and discuss the exciting materials available online. 

Is this program available in other languages?

The program runs in English and Greek

in a Nutshell

50 hours - 6 weeks of study 
7-8 hours of work / week 
Go at your Own Pace
2 credits 
English/ Greek



23/5/2015 - 31/12/2020

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