Olga Gouni

Olga Gouni, Head of Educational Department


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Being a keen reader and an enquiring mind, I have been able to learn from all life experiences I have been involved in. I had the privilege to be taught by extraordinary minds, my teachers from my early school years, who instilled in me the appreciation of Plato’s and Aristoteles’ thought and then later I got very interested in modern sciences, among which astrophysics and quantum physics. My focus of interest is psychology and especially prenatal psychology which I have been taught by the pioneers of it Jon RG Troya Turner: Whole-Self Prenatal Psychology, as well as other pioneers. I introduced Prenatal Psychology in Greece and have taught it to graduate professionals in the Kapodistrian University, School of Philosophy, department of Experimental Pedagogy during the years 2004-2006. I am also a writer and educator for the e-learning program in Prenatal Psychology offered by the Kapodistrian University (EKPA) now. The program has been on for about 3 years now.

As I have always been very interested in the essence of expanding my knowledge and really enriching my understanding of the world inside & outside, I have never stopped learning and studying.

Destination: Evolution!



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