Community Board

The Community Board consists of representatives of partner organizations, associations, NGOs, or corporations, the collaborators in the learning hubs as well as any national or international stakeholder who has some experience to share.

It is represented by initially appointed by the faculty members and then by elected by the community members. The elected community Board members represent all different community groups: students, NGOs, corporations, learning hubs, partners involved in supervision and/or practice etc and their task is to bring the experience from the larger groups to a smaller group that can synthesize all and formulate certain proposals or make certain reports to facilitate the collaboration of all parts towards an optimum end.

The Community Board, in turn, elects their own representative to be present at the meetings of the Scientific Board and become the voice of the community.

Their existence is highly appreciated when the faculty decides which community project(s) to support each time.

You are most welcome to participate. If you feel that you would like to let us know about how your community could be supported and grow even better, if you feel you would like to participate in one of our community groups or create your own, if you are ready to join our community evolutionaries, send us a request form here. We'll be glad to work with you. Thank you!